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Checking back in

Hey guys, it's been a long time.

Holy ****, things have changed. I dropped off the map completely sometime around May of last year. The last event I went to was a Crucible event in West Virginia with bnagley and Kapelski. Got really tired of the semi-auto only restrictions popping up everywhere and then Multicam was banned from Blind Fury, so I started losing interest, and this all happened as I was finishing engineering school and doing co-ops. The airsoft stuff got put away just like I promised myself it never would. I dipped out of doing tech work for hire long before then, too.

Looked up my last post that wasn't B/S/T related and it was a ****post from 2013. Very unsurprising. Anyone remember these?

I've starting going through my stuff and slowly taking stock of what I have and what it'll take to get out and play again. I see some familiar names here and there but this place is a shell of its former self. Haven't really been watching the goings-on in Facebookland but the feedback hasn't been very good. Who's alive? What are typical event turnouts like? Is this thing even on?
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Hey Jonzey welcome back. You are right about it being a shell of it's former self man. Turnout is really dependant on the event man. One open you get 80 people the next you get 20 it really goes up and down. Bigger games typically have a good draw still but that seems like the smaller opens are decreasing in attendance.
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Welcome back Mr. Jones, like Jonah says depends on how people fee like playing I wanna play or not I guess. All in all AO has been very quiet lately but has had a slight uptick in activity in the last few months. Those of us that aren't Facebook people are still here daily checking out what's happening. Even though we talk on occasion it's good to see you back brother!
In flenners basement doing things.
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Well theres a blast from the past
"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference- they deserve a place of honor with all that is good." -George Washington
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You know I'm gonna go to some events again, too. I still like boys, so I'm sure we will be able to get good turnouts.
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**** you I'm Reed.
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Thus marketh the only time anyone hath used the search feature on AO
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Good to see the lights are still on. And Flenner, we all knew that before you did. See you guys on the field.
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Semi auto only restrictions saves lives. Not mine mind you, but others.

Lake Erie Airsoft Division Squad Leader
Does this make me awesome
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I am back too. Trying to game this fall.
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