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Operation Raw Deal at Mercer Airsoft Center

The Mercer Milsim Group and The Mercer Airsoft Center Presents:
What? Operation Raw Deal
When? 12th April 2014
Where? At The Mercer Airsoft Center
Why? For a fun, dynamic, and face paced MilSim Experience

Regular Admission ~ $20 Per Player
Group RSVP Discount ~ $15 Per Player

In order to be applicable for this discount you must have a minimum of 5 players in your group and at least 5 of the names you RSVP must be present at the game. When you arrive on sight you must all check in together and pay together so that you can be counted. Your names will be on an RSVP list. If the minimum number of players is not present, your discount will be forfeit and you will have to pay the regular admission price.

RSVP to the EO, by April 10th at midnight with the following info:
First and Last Name of everybody in your group and name of of group.

EO's Email Address:

Saturday 0800 – 1000 Registration and Chrono
Saturday 0900 – 1000 MANDATORY Command Group Meeting
Saturday 1000 – 1100 Gear up and preparations
Saturday 1100 – 1200 Formation, safety briefing, any final preparations
Saturday 1200 – 1220 Assume positions on the field
Saturday 1220 Scenario 1 Start

Scenario 1 will end at the discretion of field staff. Following the endex there will be a 45min break for food and to gear up again before the second scenario.

The OP:
Both scenarios will be both be objective based dynamic games with the outcome of the first scenario determining how the second game will be run. This is OP is meant to be a quality MilSim experience but also an educational one. If you’ve never played MilSim before or are new to the sport of airsoft this will be a great chance for you to get a feel for what it’s all about.

The Story:
The year is 2018. Violence has escalated dramatically between Mexican drug cartels and the US backed Mexican government in the War on Drugs. Open conflict is commonplace within Mexico and along the US Border. In late 2014 the United States began openly assisting the Mexican government to prevent the impending collapse of the Mexico’s government under the pressures of cartel violence, civil unrest, and corruption.

The Situation:
An undercover FBI agent just within the Mexican border has been captured shortly after revealing the locations of several cocaine stockpiles, a cash stash and a cartel kingpin in hiding. He is being held hostage within a small camp/fort just south of the local village where the kingpin is hiding; several cocaine stashes and a cash stash are hidden throughout the area in blue cases and a suit case.
A joint task force of Mexican Government Forces (Tan Team) supported by the DEA (also Tan Team) is launching a large scale assault upon the AO to rescue the FBI Agent, capture the kingpin, and recover the drug stashes and drug money.
However, Cartel Forces (Green Team) have been tipped off to the impending attack and have dug into the village, camp/fort, and surrounding area. They intend to fight tooth and nail for their territory, their drugs, and their cash stash, to keep their hostage and protect their boss.
It’s shaping up to be a bloody fight.

Event Rules and Guidelines

The Mercer Airsoft Center is an outdoors field, it’s a mixture of woods, fields, and constructed villages. A standard outdoors airsoft load out is recommended. Come prepared to face whatever weather will be occurring. Rain or Shine, we will be running this event.

-MASC Waiver
-Orange, Yellow or Red "Dead" Rag. Available for $1.00 at the field.
-Food and drinks are sold at the concession stand. Water is free to ALL players at ALL times.
-A battery charger. (Electricity is available at the staging area)
-Rental guns are available. Please email to reserve a rental. Supply is limited.
-Water or some other kind of hydration is required of all players at all times.
- COMS Equipment. (Radios)

Gear Restrictions:
Please refer to The Mercer Airsoft Center’s Rules and Regs listed below for weapon and grenade restrictions. All players will be restricted to a maximum of two hi-caps. All other mags should be mid-caps.

Uniform Guidelines:

Guideline for Green Team Uniforms:
Cartel Forces
Woodland DPM
Woodland MARPAT
Kryptek Mandrake
Jungle Tiger Stripe
Woodland CADPAT
Olive Drab
Ranger Green

Guideline for Tan Team Uniforms:

US Forces (DEA)

Mexican Government Forces
Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU)
Kryptek Nomad
Desert Tiger Stripe
Desert A-TACS
Tan 499

Gear color DOES NOT have to match uniform.

Medic Rules
How many medics will there be?
There will be one medic for roughly every 5 players. Medics will be provided with a white armband with a red cross on it to show they are medics. This is to prevent confusion in regards to who is and who isn’t a medic and to prevent cheating.
How does a medic heal me?
In order to heal you, a medic must lay both of his/her hands on you and count to 45 in a loud and clear voice. How fast you count is up to you, but each number must be understandable and clearly pronounced. Once you are healed you must say “Player back in!” in a loud and clear voice.
What is a hit?
Refer to MASC’s Rules and Regs below for the definition of a hit,
What do I do when I’m hit?
After being hit the player must CALL AND SIGNAL their hit unless you were *bang banged* or *silently killed*, take a knee or lay down to avoid the line of fire AND PUT ON YOUR DEAD RAG. YOU MUST HAVE A DEAD RAG. If you do not have a dead rag you will be suspended from the game until you get one. DEAD MEN CANNOT SPEAK OR MOVE. You may call for a medic and that is it. You may only move if being dragged by a teammate to a medic or if your 3 minute bleed out is up and you are returning to spawn.
Wait, what do you mean “dragged by a teammate”?
A teammate may drag you back to safety by grabbing your arm, you must grab theirs as well and moving at a brisk pace with them to where they want to take you. For the sake of safety, the event staff does not want players physically dragging each other around. For the sense of realism, we do not want you holding hands and RUNNING off to safety to be healed. You may MOVE BRISKLY, DO NOT RUN.

Respawn Rules:
If spawning at a base, simply count to 60 out loud then return to combat.
If spawning on a CO, simply count to 60 out loud then return to a combat, however you may only spawn on your CO if he/she is not in or near combat. Must be at least 50yds from nearest fire fight.

MASC’s Rules and Regs

The following information was taken directly from The Mercer Airsoft Center’s Website.

Adherence to this rule set is mandatory while players are participating in events at the Mercer Airsoft Center. Any violations in rules will be dealt with in the proper manner as deemed by center staff. Those who endanger player safety purposely will be barred from participating in any future events at the Mercer Airsoft Center.

Staging Area Procedures and Rules

Players visiting the Mercer Airsoft Center are responsible for cleaning up their own garbage prior to departing from the center at the conclusion of any event.
Replicas are expected to remain on the “safe” setting while in the staging area. The only shooting should take place should occur in the designated shooting range on location.
Magazines are to be removed from any replica while the player is in the staging area. The exception to this rule is with pistol replicas as long as they are holstered.

Eye Protection Policy

All players must have eye protection that has an ANSI Z87.1+ rating and that is fully sealed around the players eyes.
The use of mesh goggles is prohibited at the Mercer Airsoft Center.

Minimum Engagement Distance

All replicas, with the exception of sniper and support weapons, will have a minimum engagement distance of fifteen (15) feet.
All support weapons will have a minimum engagement distance of thirty (30) feet.
All sniper weapons will have a minimum engagement distance of one-hundred (100) feet.
Please keep in mind that in any case you will be expected to keep the safety of other players in mind while making decisions. “Think before you shoot.”
All engagements within the village boundaries (within 30 feet of buildings) will be kept to semi-automatic only (short bursts for support weapons).
**This includes shooting from building to building. It is perfectly fine for a player shooting out of the village to shoot full-auto and vice versa for players shooting into the village. Keeping in mind the situations above.**

Personal Conduct of Players

All players are expected to act in a professional and sportsmanlike manner while they are participating at events.
All players are expected to not confront other players for any reason.
**If a player is not calling their hits we advise that you contact a game marshal to handle the situation or just keep shooting them. Any confrontation of this type is deemed unsportsmanlike and may result in removal from the game.**
Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated by our staff. This includes:
**Illegal modifications of replicas (that create unsafe environments), hit calling issues, electronic warfare, etc.**
No player shall be in the possession of the following prohibited items:
**Fixed bladed knifes, pyrotechnics, or hot burning smoke**

Required and Recommended Safety Gear

Full Sealed Goggles that hold an ANSI z.871 Rating
**Shooting glasses and mesh goggles are not permitted for use at MASC**
Red “Dead” Rag
Full face-masks are recommended especially in engagements around the area of buildings.

Chronograph Specifications

Staff at the center reserves the right to perform random spot checks for chronograph throughout the day. If we happen to be chronographing on a specific day we will let players know when they go to register.
All AEG/bolt action replicas will be chronographed with .20g BBs and all HPA/gas powered replicas will be chronographed with .30g BBs.
All AEG replicas must chrono under 400 fps. All AEG replicas that chrono over 400 fps and under 450 fps must be switched to semi-automatic only.
All bolt action replicas must chrono under 500 fps.
All HPA/gas power replicas must register at or below a joule count of 1.55 joules of energy.

Rules of Engagement (All Players)

All players are expected to follow the minimum engagement distances relative to their respective replicas.
All players are expected to not use wounded players as cover from incoming fire.
All players are expected to not blind fire around corners or over cover.
**Players must have their heads behind their guns at shoulder height and down and must be able to see the target they are engaging.
All players are expected to act in a professional manner and not engage in unsportsmanlike activity.
**Note that excessive mag dumping is enforceable by this rule. Violators will be removed from the facility.
Rules of Engagement – Support Weapons

Support gunners are expected to not hold down triggers for any increased amount of time beyond a few seconds.
Support gunners are to not use fully automatic in the village.
**In this case, support gunners are encouraged to shoot in short bursts of three seconds or less.
Rules of Engagement - Grenades/Projectiles/Rockets

Dummy grenades are permitted as kill weapons but must be approved prior to each event by the event staff/organizer.
**Thunder B sound grenades are always considered “kill” grenades (with approval).
**Thunder B grenades must explode in order for any kills to be registered.
**Thunder B grenades are not to be thrown into the upstairs of any structure.
Dummy grenades (all) have a kill radius of fifteen (15) feet.
Dummy grenades do not kill players who are on the other side of walls/cover.
**Players who are “exposed” to the “explosion” of the grenade and are within the distance are considered dead.
Any grenade that fires BBs will follow the standard hit system as any other airsoft replica.
**In order to be dead in these cases a player must be struck by a BB from the projectile.
Rocket launchers (must be approved by staff for use) may only shoot BBs or NERF projectiles.
**If shooting into a tower room the projectile must stay within the tower in order to “kill” the tower.


The BANG-BANG rule is intended as a safety precaution in the case of extreme close quarters battle but should be used as a primarily form of killing.
In order for a bang-bang call to be considered legitimate, the player must have the other “dead to rights”, a loaded gun, and be within fifteen feet of the other player.
If a player does not accept a legitimate bang-bang, the calling player may shoot the other player ONCE.
If two players bang-bang each other at once or mutual agreement cannot be reached the players should call a PARLAY.
**To perform a parlay, each player walks at least twenty (20) yards in each direction from each other. At which point both players may re-enter the battle.

Tower Rules

For one team to control a tower they must take and control all rooms on the first floor of the building. Once secured, any enemy player in the second floor is considered to be dead and must respawn.
There will not be more than two (2) players in each tower at any one point.
If a projectile or grenade falls into a room (for example the ladder room) only the players located within that room are considered dead. This rule applies for all buildings with multiple rooms with exception given if the player was exposed in any way to the explosion.
I’m hit, what do I do?

Hit Rules

A hit counts as any direct hit to the body or piece of gear attached to the body of the player. Gun hits and ricochets are not considered as “kill shots”.
Procedures of the Dead – A hit player announces immediately that they have been hit and immediately take out their red dead rag. Hit players should either knell or sit down if hit in areas of engagements.
Standard bleed-out times will be announced by staff on the day of each event.
While hit you are not permitted to do the following:
**Use your radio for any reason.
**Talk to nearby friendly players to give them the location of enemy players.
**Walk to medics to be healed. Once you start moving you must walk back to your respawn regardless if you find a medic or not.
While hit you are permitted to do the following:
**Call for a medic for assistance
**Be “drug” by friendly players to your medic for healing
**Be healed by the medic
Once a player has bled out and has not been healed by their team’s medic they must return to respawn. You may not be healed on the way to respawn.
Terence A. Whalen,
Mercer Airsoft Center
Field Operations - Finance
1915 Mercer-West Middlesex Road
Mercer PA 16137
Web Site:
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