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Old 07-29-2013, 05:51 PM
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Devil's Playground Open Play 007 - August 10th 2013 - Maineville Ohio

Open Play
August 10th 2013
10am - 4pm
Entry fee $20

6451 Striker Rd.
Maineville, Ohio 45039

Rules and Regulations (Always check for updates)


Field Maps (Print your own)

Lunch will be available at the event.
BBs and GREEN GAS with be sold.

Parking available for 135 cars

More information coming soon.

Devil’s Playground Airsoft
Rules and Regulations
Staging Area:
  • Magazines out in parking lot and staging area.
  • Muzzle must be pointed at the ground at all times.
  • No fingers on triggers.
  • Test firing is only permitted at chrono station or on a “Hot” field.
  • Anyone caught firing in the staging area will be ejected from the property.
  • Violation of any the mentioned above will result in ejection from the property.

  • No firing is permitted in this area.
  • Please bring waiver signed. One will be provided if you do not have one.Paid players will receive event wristband as proof of payment.
  • Minors must have parent/guardian signed waiver notarized prior to event.
Chrono Area/Procedures
  • Firing of airsoft guns is only permitted under supervision
  • Please bring empty magazine to the chrono station.
  • No magazines in gun until staff gives permission.
  • Firing is only permitted when instructed by staff.
  • All guns will be chrono’d with .20g bbs provided by the field staff.
  • Proof of registration and payment wristband must be presented at chrono station.
  • Highest FPS will be written on participants wristband.
  • Polarstar and AEGs with quick change spring systems (PTWs, ICS, ARES, ect.) will be “spot” chrono’d throughout the day. You may be asked to chrono coming off the field.
  • All players may be asked to turn off “hop up” at the chrono station. Failure to comply will result in rejection of gun for use on the field.
Safety Briefing:
All participants must be present at safety briefing.
Players not present at safety briefing will not be permitted on the field until briefed by a staff member.

Field Rules and Regulations
  • Airsoft FPS Rules
  • Maximum Field Velocity is 400 fps with .20g BB (Insurance rules)
  • Max outdoor FPS with .20g BB = 400 fps (feet per second)
  • Max indoor FPS with .20g BB = 400 fps (feet per second) Semi Auto Only
Blind Firing
  • At no time are you permitted to “blind fire”
  • You must be aware of where you muzzle is before you can pull the trigger. If you are not looking down your sights you cannot fire
  • Blind firing includes blindly shooting over and around walls including shooting around a window or glass. You must be looking down your sights.
  • Reports of anyone violating this rule will result in ejection from the game.

Point Blank Shooting and Minimum Engagement Distances
  • Semi automatic within 25 feet only. One to two shots at close range is acceptable.
  • Close range full auto engagements are not permitted anywhere.
  • At no time are you permitted to shoot anyone above the shoulders at point blank range.
  • Neck, head and face shots within 25 feet are strictly prohibited.
  • Safe shots to the body at close range are acceptable. If possible aim for legs or gear.
  • Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in removal from the field.
  • All guns must be approved airsoft guns(no homemade airsoft guns)
  • All guns must pass through chrono station before permitted on the field.
  • All guns must display chrono tag provided by staff.
  • Any gun found on field without tag will result in ejection from the property.
Airsoft Grenades
  • All grenades must be approved by staff
  • Airsoft Innovation Impact and Tornado Grenades are permitted
  • Thunder B grenades are permitted
  • Pyrotechnic grenades are NOT permitted
  • All grenades must be thrown under hand or dropped no higher than shoulder height.
  • Overhand throwing of grenades is strictly forbidden.
  • Grenades must expel BBs in order to kill players.
  • Players must be hit by BBs from grenades to be eliminated.
  • Grenades without BBs are considered distraction devices only.
  • Grenade rules may be amended by event staff day of event.
Smoke Grenades
  • Only Cold burning smoke is permitted
  • All smoke must be approved by staff.
  • Anyone caught setting off unapproved smoke will be escorted off the property .
  • Any damage to property from unapproved pyrotechnics will be treated as arson and law enforcement will be notified.

Bang Bang Rules
  • Bang Bang is only used in an unsafe situation. Shooting at close range below the shoulders does not constitute a “Bang Bang”
  • Example: turning a corner and finding your gun pointed at a players face. This is when Bang Bang can be used. The other player may be able to shoot you safely in the body so the “Bang Bang” is nullified. To avoid this situation use muzzle control and move your muzzle to a safe shooting location, otherwise you are not permitted to shoot at the face.
  • Shooting your target below the shoulders trumps “Bang Bang”
  • DO NOT Aim for the Head
  • Avoid head shots at all costs
  • Face shots in buildings will warrant a warning. Multiple infractions will result in ejection from the game.
  • It is ok to shoot players in the body.
Goggles/Eye Protection
  • Full sealing impact rated goggles must be worn at all times on the field.
  • Full seal goggles cannot have any gaps exceeding 4mm
  • All goggles must meet ANSI Z87.1 rating.
  • Mesh goggles are not permitted on the field.
  • Gas masks must have impact rated lenses.
  • All eyewear may be subject to approval by event staff.
Face Masks
  • Facemasks are encouraged for everyone but not required.
  • Players under the age of 18 are encouraged to wear facemasks. Not wearing a mask is done at your own risk.

  • All general play games as operated on FRS radios.
  • CH1 and CH2 FRS are reserved for event staff.
  • In the event of an emergency contact staff members on channel 1.
  • Channels for teams will be assigned prior to game start.
  • All players must provide themselves with some form or hydration system.
  • Hydration packs are encouraged.
  • Water bottles should be carried with you if you do not have a hydrations system.

  • The field is surrounded by a fence.
  • Do not leave the field at any time.
  • Enter and exit the field through the main gate only.
  • Never fire airsoft guns out of the field boundary. Anyone caught violating this rule will be escorted out by law enforcement.
  • Never shoot in the direction of the National Guard facility. (see rule above)
  • Never climb on top of structures
  • Doors that are locked will remain locked
  • Damage to any structure with result in ejection from the game and prosecution for property damage.
  • Any hazards or changes in structure conditions must be reported to staff.

  • No arguing with staff.
  • Any verbal or physical confrontations with staff will result in ejection from the property.
  • All decisions by staff will be final.
  • Contact staff members in the event of, field hazard, safety violations, cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct, injuries, general question or concerns.
Clean up.
  • Please clean up your area at the end of the day. Do not make a mess.
Firearms and Knives
  • Firearms are prohibited on the field.
  • Pocket knives and utility knives are permitted on the field.

Bad Behavior
  • No physical contact between players is permitted.
  • Avoid strong language, profanity, or threats.
  • Negative behavior will result in ejection from the property.
  • Intoxication or the use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
Vehicle Rules
  • All vehicles are limited to STAFF operation. Do not bring your own vehicle to use on the field.
  • All vehicles are limited to the path that circles the field
  • 5mph is that max speed.
Classification Rules
Class A: This is any vehicle that “up armored” and has the physical appearance of such vehicle. Players can shoot from gun slots or turrets and are NOT exposed to BBs. Small arms fire does not affect this type of vehicle.
Class B: This is any vehicle that has no armor, doors off, windows down, ATV or pickup truck. Players can shoot from this vehicle but if exposed can be wounded by BBs. Small arms fire does not affect the vehicle but can kill players exposed on board. The driver is exempt from BB hits but may not shoot.
Class C: This vehicle is for transport of players only. You cannot shoot it except with rockets. Players on board cannot be hit until they touch the ground when dismounting the vehicle. Players are not permitted to shoot from this vehicle.
  • A single rocket hit destroys a vehicle.
  • A second rocket hit kills everyone on board.
  • When hit the vehicle must stop in place and raise red flag.
  • All vehicles have a 5 minute bleed out time.
  • When a vehicle is hit by a rocket players must immediately exit the vehicle. It is on fire you need to get out.
  • Anyone remaining in the vehicle after being hit by a rocket has one minute to exit or they burn up inside
  • All players must walk back to regen after a vehicle is destroyed.
  • A grenade deployed inside a vehicle kills everyone on board.

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Old 07-29-2013, 06:53 PM
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Awesome, maybe I can actually make it to this one.
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Old 08-04-2013, 08:28 PM
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Did you up the number of high-caps to 4,or is that a typo.
Also if it is possible can you put some cover on the road from/to the LZ and ammo dock. Especially on that turn it would be really helpful to the team that is attacking the ammo dock.
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Old 08-09-2013, 03:26 PM
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Anyone care to car pull from Columbus?
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Old 08-09-2013, 07:36 PM
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Looking forward to tommorrow!

Now offering: Noob-Tube
"Nepoleon BlownApart"
Base 2013 Models starting at $179.99!!
Options include Molle hook! 20mm Rails! Folding Grip!
Same great product in a smaller more portable size!
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