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New High Power Handguns at Shorty USA!!

Just in this weekend, the all new SOCOM Gear Oasis Gas NBB and WG M708 2.5" CO2 Revolver!!

SOCOM Gear Oasis Gas Non-Blow Back - $79.99

The real steel counterpart of the Oasis is an integrally suppressed top end manufactured by Gemtech specifically for MKII and MKIII pistols. After one of these ordinary .22LR caliber semi-autos has been modified into an Oasis they become some of the quietest, most accurate and most deadly pistols of their kind.

Produced by SOCOM Gear, this gas powered non-blow back pistol is fully licensed by Gemtech and is a very close recreation of its lead spiting brother. The Oasis pistol is based on the trusty old KJW MK.1 so it is fully compatible with the magazines and accessories which some of you might already own. The primary difference between the two pistols is that the Oasis has been fitted with a mock 6 inch integral suppressor that was custom made for the MK.1. The main body of the pistol is constructed of a thick polymer although the mock suppressor is machined from aluminum and features authentic Gemtech markings laser etched into its matte black anodized finish.

On the firing line we were quite surprised at how the pistol handled. Despite being nearly two inches longer than the original MK.1, the Oasis has near perfect balance and is very easy to control. Running on green gas we clocked a .2g BB at an average of 410 fps so this pistol is not exactly ideal for a close quarters unless you are going up against balloons and cardboard cut-outs. However, you are able to drop the velocity by running the pistol off of 134a (duster gas) which produces an average of 320 fps. After an afternoon of breaking in the hop-up we concluded that the Oasis had respectable long range accuracy although the pistol truly performs at its best using .25g BBs inside of 25 yards.

Overall the hard hitting Oasis receives high scores in both appearance and quality making this "Assassins Special" a must have for any collector of unique and rare weapons.
  • Operation: Gas Non Blow Back
  • Fire mode/s: Semi Auto
  • Muzzle velocity: 410 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 100 feet
  • Rate of fire: N/A
  • Ammo type: High polished .2g to .28g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 17 rds
  • Locking slide: No
  • Open ejection port: No
  • Length: 11.75 inches
  • Gas type: 134a, Green Gas (Propane)
  • Comes with orange tip: Painted

WG M708 Full Metal CO2 Revolver 2.5 Inch Barrel - $109.99 (black), $129.99 (silver)

The Model 708 is the latest addition to the WG 700 series of high powered revolvers and being fitted with a short 2.5 inch barrel makes this compact revolver the smallest model in the series. Right out of the box we were very impressed with the overall feel and appearance of this revolver but after shooting it this little bulldog quickly became one of our all time favorites.

Just like its bigger brothers, the M708 is constructed completely out of metal and tips the scale at a hefty 2 lbs. The only exception is its contoured polymer grips which feature a grip enhancing texture and rubber like finish. Looking over the rest of the handgun you will see the same level of detail expected from the series right down to the full adjustable rear sight and the "Wingun 700" stamped into the rim of each shell.

Aside from looking and feeling realistic these handguns also function just like a real double action revolver right down to a fully functional transfer bar. Push forward on the checkered cylinder release and the cylinder swings out for loading. Each shell is metal with a rubber tip which the BB is loaded into before being pushed into the revolvers open cylinder. The cylinders ejector also works just like the real one so it’s great for practicing your reloads. WG has also integrate a safety mechanism into the cylinder release which engages by pushing it backwards.

Thanks to its shortened barrel this revolver actually feels more solidly built and is better balanced than its bigger brothers making it a much more practical shooter. Just like the rest of its series the M708 is powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge which is loaded into the revolvers grip. Using a .2g BB we clocked it producing an average of 400 fps at the muzzle so it is not ideal for most skirmish roles since it is over the limit allowed by most sanctioned fields. This revolver was designed primarily for target use and in that role it is extremely fun. Due to the combination of high pressure CO2 and the shorter barrel the muzzle report on this model is a bit more noticeable than its long barreled relatives and is downright nerve rattling indoors. These revolvers are sadly not equipped with a hop up system yet due to their high power are still effective at a respectable distance. Because their muzzle velocities are so high it is strongly recommended to go with either .25g or .28g for the best accuracy.

Included with your revolver are six reusable shells, a revolver speed loader that functions just like the real one and an accessory rail which can be attached to the top of the frame for mounting optics.

  • Operation: CO2 Non Blow Back
  • Fire mode/s: Semi Auto
  • Muzzle velocity: 400 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 100 feet
  • Rate of fire: N/A
  • Ammo type: High polished .2g to .28g
  • Hop Up: No
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 6 shells (1 BB per shell)
  • Locking slide: N/A
  • Open ejection port: N/A
  • Length: 8.25 inches
  • Gas type: 12 gram CO2 cartridge
  • Comes with orange tip: Molded Plastic

(offers, specifications and prices at time of post are subject to change without notice)
Shorty USA Inc.
86 Albe Dr.
Newark, DE 19702
(302) 366-8375

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