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G&G Combat machines m4 with AWS Hi realism mosfet

My G&G comabat machines m4 is up for sale today. I have put too much money into this and received nothing but hardships. It was sent to to have an AWS scorpion mosfet installed. It was installed and then returned to me upon completion. However, the bolt stop functionality and charging handle functionality aren't working correctly. Instead of locking the gearbox after the mag is empty like its supposed to and then forcing the user to put a fresh mag in and hit the bolt stop to resume firing, it is locking the gun down after every round and I do not know why. It may be the sensor in the hop up, I am not sure. However, it is under warranty and AWSairsoft will fix it. This was a 95 dollar mosfet and also cost me 100 dollars to install. So 195 for the mosfet and installation is the price I paid.

The next problem is the buffer tube. It needed to be modified in order to fit the fet inside of it. The installer put a screw on the outside of the buffer tube (which can be seen in the picture) to hold it in place. There is a bit of wobble but nothing major.

Next, the DD Mk18 Ris I bought wouldn't go onto the upper receiver as planned and instead it stripped the upper receiver threads. This made installing the RIS and outer barrel extremely difficult. To install the outer barrel, I had to drill a hole through the upper receiver and into the outer barrel and then attach a screw to it. This cannot be seen if the RIS is on so only the buyer will know its there.

Then there is the installation of the RIS. With the threads being messed up, I had to come up with something. That something came in the form of putting a bolt through the DD RIS collar and into the hole where the Fake gas tube would go. This also cannot be seen with the RIS installed and is very sturdy holding. I also had to dremel part of the outer barrel in order to get the Triangle front sight put on. The sight only has one pin as well. Lastly, the hop up needs a new nub. Mine was lost somehow and I currently have a piece of 16 gauge wire in there, but the bb's do have a slight curve to the right.

Most of the problems with the weapon can be remedied by buying a new metal body as well as having the mosfet repaired by AWS or repairing it yourself if you are a good enough tech and know electronics. The gun fires fine just like any G&G would. It has just been a pain in the butt since I don't know how to work on AEG's myself.

The gun will come with the weapon, 3 G&P midcaps and 1 TM standard (Previous sprayed them Tan and then stripped them of the paint). I don't know if they will feed in the G&G or not. I will also throw in a bigdad Pmag with the fake bullets in it that has already been modified to fit in AEG's. Gun will also come with an m900 foregrip flashlight, Meprolight m21 replica (custom made and one of a kind), 9.6 intellect battery, rear flip up sight, the mosfet and all the mods to the gun.

Price Breakdown:
Airsoft GI G4-A3 - 189.00
Intellect 9.6 Crane stock battery - 28.00
4 mags + 1 pmag = 60.00
AWS scorpion Mosfet = 95.00
Installation of Fet = 100.00
Meprolight m21 replica = 125.00 (Rought estimate)
M900 Foregrip light = 68.00
DD Ris = 30.00

Total = 695 spent on the gun.

I am asking for 300 for everything with the gun
150 for the gun without the meprolight and foregrip
Meprolight m21 replica will then be sold for 120 Shipped OBO
Forgrip light will be sold for 60 shipped OBO

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