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Gunner's guide to sniping

please delete this
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Gunner your the man...Great info
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And you can see Gunner in action Sunday at Hell's Basin PLEASE COME AND SHOOT AT HIM
LOL nice job Gunner

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good read and all, but... Yeah. RL sniping and airsoft sniping? two completely different things.

-cover IS concealment
-little to no range advantage
-action moves too fast for sniper intel to be worthwile
-keeping moving negates single shot rifles 90% of the time

most folks learn after a few months these differences and turn to a recon role if they want to stay sneaky, two man team sporting automatics. that way they stay useful when a fight happens.

you'll learn.

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ur a noob. sniping blows
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I just wanna add something here, tall grass is your best option. Trees arent a good choice unless your up in them. If your near a tree on the ground, it will give the tree a big 'lump' look to it. This is what the military snipers call 'Tree Cancer'. But besides that, great guide.
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good basic write up for field craft but you must be bored to write up something on sniping for airsoft. i like the ending, you should have just said hey fata$@ we see you laying there lol
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Thanks for the bit of advice, Gunner! I'm actually getting back into airsoft, and I currently own a stock WELL MB03. It's a nice little piece for the price, and I'm excited about using it in action. Are you coming to the Valley Creek night game on August 6th?
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thanks that was really helpful, I can't wait to field test it
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This was a really great tutorial, Gunner. And I did learn a lot from it, thanks for sharing your knowledge of snipery stuff with us xD I found a USMC Scout Sniper manual if you want to read that if you wanna get more serious about sniping. It's from the 1980's though, I can't get my hands on a recent one. I'm sure they don't want that knowledge in the hands of the public. I don't know if I'm intruding by replying to this thread.. Because many have seen it but none have replied.. But I thought it would be nice for you guys to know what I know, so I wanted to give you the link to this manual. Again I'm terribly sorry if I'm intruding by replying on this thread, and if I am, you can delete this comment at any time.
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Well.....nothing to do here
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