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Well, there was good and bad for me. The night game was ok, but got lit up in the face in a building full auto ended my evening. Then my son had a thunder B stolen. Day mission was ok, it was the first time Blizzard had a vehicle fielded and we learned some things, but had a good time. Chain of command and effort on the tan side seemed a little weak. It was rare to hear from command, and the tan force spent a lot of time just hanging out in gold city. Good job green!! took out our vehicle a few times, and we got a fey of yours. Hit calling was an issue on both sides from what I could see, but I will not rant as others have already pointed it out. Thank you to Blade and Strikers for putting this all together and to everyone who showed up and played hard. Look forward to seeing everyone at Irene.
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Log start- Third platoon second squad Krieger army, Para jumper Irish B3ans. The night game was fun but very, very chaotic. Lots of challenging people and them not responding leavin me no choice but to shoot them. Then (most of the time they were friendly) they would rage why i shot them. We fought with the Manibians from 10 PM to 11 PM in the defence of airbase. Due to the inevitable loss of airbass to the tan, me and my squad leader/bro, Darkwolf, called it a night before index. It was terrible trying to sleep because of the abnoxiously loud music multiple crowds were playing.
When morning finally came we were pumped for a great day of war. After grouping with the rest of our squad (the Milford Airsoft League) and recieving orders from our Lt (PC590) we trooped to Gold City for starting positions. Our squad was ordered to post ourselves on the southern hill. This gave us good vantage points on the incoming east and west trails. after sucessfully defending a few infantry attacks and repelling at least 4 vehicle attacks with our AT, Gold City was finally overrun due to a lack of defence on the northern trail. When we couldnt get our LT on the com we trooped to airbase and aided in the assualt. When taken, we were stationed in the center of Airbase ready to repel any vehicle attacks by the Tropicos with our AT. Then after escorting the SAS through and killing a few vehicles we broke for lunch at 12.
We returned at 1:15 to Airbase back on vehicle watch. When we werent being attacked by tan we overheard Ghost interrogating a camera man who gave valuble intel to him. The North Koreans held all three parts to a nuke. The SAS and JTF2 were going to attempt to capture it. Ghost dispatched a team to the SAS in offer to buy the nuke. After that something went down wrong in the deal because somehow the nuke ended up in the hands of the Tropicos. But we held Airbase against everything tan could throw at us (which was not much). Then we took up ambush positions on the western side of Airfield in the treeline next to the trail. A squad of Tan came from the very far west and were ambushed but we were only able to get a few of them because they came from off trail. but we held our positions and they retreated when they saw our hummer enroute. When there were only a few minutes left before index everyone made a mad rush for Gold city but our squad stayed behind due to us being exhausted. At index the Tropicos set off the nuke (the large pack of fire crackers i think) and we marched back up the hill and ended the day of bloodshed. Overall it was a great game. I cant say how thankful i am to Blade and all the Strikers who do such an AWESOME job of putting on these events. Also i loved the new additions to Airbase. -End log
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Came out of retirement to make an appearance. Had a lot of fun on QRF, definitely worth the drive. Lots of shenanigans from both teams, especially around Gold City in the morning, but it is what it is. Also, to whoever was running glass BBs: I think you owe Amped a new mirror for their humvee. edit: And bsing with Hillslam at the airfield was fun for a minute until somebody with him friendly-fired Abby. :P

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Well I had a blast. As 3rd platoon leader I must say my platoon and squad leaders busted there as to get stuff done for me I had a blast as platoon leader for 3rd platoon and my inter chain of command rocked along with my field RTO/Sargent kept up with me all day and always was on my six reddy to update my squads with my commands. I would also like to add how happy i was wen we set up a flawless on the fly ambush. I thank all of my members of third platoon for putting up with me pushing you guys all day long to shoot and move and plank and cover and push and shoot sum more. I hope I was able to teach you guys at least sum thing.
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Team HOG

Let start off saying , thank you to Ghost, Blade, for a combat effective weekend.
Okay the Night game . Did not go how I was hoping , why ,because almost all player s all but you who have been in a Milsim and you guys that were in a squad. REALLY , not one of you people listen to the COC that's chain of command to you Xbox players. For me that is what makes the game I do take things seriously and I put everything into it *. So me as 4th platoon Lt . The night game was FUBAR!
The day game. Man I had way to much fun my guys and I ran vary tight together, Ospery , you had your Hands full and did a awesome job in your leadership. thank you just for what you did all day.. Big respect to you from me.. Ghost , you're come back was well done and all the other plt, you all put it down . I and my Team are honored to be a part of that day and bf 10 ...
All you guys who where with me and green Nice job we could not have done our job
Without you ..

Team HOG Captain
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i hate to be the guy who says it but, who's got more pictures?!?



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My favorite memory from this year was nearly walking into the green controlled airfield during the afternoon.

Being tan we decided to go attack the airfield. My 5 man squad ended up walking through the grass trails west of the air base. Walking just infront of my unit was a squad of dead green. We started to causally stroll deeper into enemy territory without anyone noticing. Soon enough we were surrounded by unsuspecting green forces. All was well until a medic made his way into the dead green squad we were using for concealment. He got to my squad and gave us all a funny look. About that time I head someone shout "hey, maybe we should shoot them!".

We had to dive into the grass to avoid a certian death. The first 2min of the video below shows part of what happened when 5 men walked into the green air base and then fought 30 kreigers.
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Originally Posted by Dante View Post
My favorite memory from this year was nearly walking into the green controlled airfield during the afternoon.

Walking just infront of my unit was a squad of dead green. We started to causally stroll deeper into enemy territory without anyone noticing. Soon enough we were surrounded by unsuspecting green forces.

LOL, I have been using that trick for years, you would be surprised how many times it works
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