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Using Unit Patches, Tabs, Crests.

It is my feeling, as a vet and a member of the National Guard, that persons that have not served in the military, should not wear uniform items from the military.

I will define what I mean. If a person has not served on active duty, or the national guard, or reserves, then they should not wear unit patches or crests of military units. Also if you have not served as part of a unit, do not claim to. I have noticed a group of people on this site, that while they most likely mean no harm, are using the patch from Ft. Benning's Infantry School. (Follow Me).

While they mean it as a sign of respect (at least I hope they do), they have not earned the privilege of wearing that patch. I have also seen players with the CIB (combat infantry badge) on their chests. This is unacceptable. I was involved in combat operations in iraq, and have earned the CIB. Only those who have earned the honor of these items should even think about wearing them. as a sign of respect, please do not wear these items.
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You're not alone. It's a topic that has already been covered, and the overarching opinion was that specific unit badges/patches should not be worn by those who have not served.
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Yep, rule of thumb is if you didn't earn it, don't wear it.
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my mistake, i didn't realize that the topic had already been covered.
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While I agree with you, who is to stop anyone? There are certain groups of people who do create 100% accurate loadouts for impressions, reenactments, etc. That's half the fun of the game for me, creating an impression and kit and "being" a SF operator for a few hours on the weekend. We're adults running around with toy guns, some people lose sight of that in the long and short of things.

The only time I would see it as an issue is if there was a 15 yo kid wearing it and saying that he IS what he is portraying. As long as the players aren't saying "I was at Ft. Benning..." then there really isn't an issue. They're just playing GI Joe, and if that's what GI Joe wears, then let him wear it. Just sohe's not saying he's that in real life.
That's the beauty of airsoft. You might be a college kid or an IT guy during the week, but on the weekend you're a member of the SAS or a DEA agent bringing down druglords, or fighting for the freedom of your country from a foreign invader. It's all in good fun, and if they aren't doing any harm or disrespecting the patch they're wearing, then why make a big issue out of it?

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Already been covered, gonna lock this one down.
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