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Exclamation AO: An important notice on Daniel Snodgrass (Miyagi).

Attention Airsoft Ohio and whomever else it may concern,

As many of you are aware there was an issue involving numerous northern Ohio players and Operation Irene. I know many of you were very curious as to what was going on and I had promised that once things were ironed out that I would make a public post to explain the situation, and I am doing that now and upholding my word.

I can not go into full details, however, I will give you the details that I feel are safe or already widely known. This post serves one purpose, to warn the AO public as well as the Airsoft Community of a potential problem that you have the right to know and to keep yourself safe.

Back in the early summer of this year, Daniel Snodgrass, otherwise known on this website as Miyagi, spoke with myself and numerous others about creating a platoon of Northern Ohio players to attend Operation Irene. He stated that with his position as a staff member and referee for Operation Irene that he would be able to assist us and give us access.

In July and August he supposedly rounded up his platoon and had gained permission (or so he claimed) from John Lu to create this platoon and allow us to register early due to his status as a staff member for Irene. We all sent in our down payments to hold our position.

Later we filled out the waivers and then sent in the rest of the payment in time for the September 28th deadline.

However, the roster appeared and we were not on it. We made contact with Miyagi who assured us that we were a 'Ghost Platoon' that would appear as a 'Force multiplier' and our names would not appear until the final draft of the roster was released a couple of weeks before the event.

Miyagi also took payments from individuals for equipment, BBs, transportation (He was supposedly renting vans to act as a transport for some individuals) and other items for this event.

Around a week or so before Operation Irene, with no confirmation on our attendance to the event, many of us began to get suspicious and several of us made contact with numerous staff members of Lionclaws. Our discovery was a shock - that we were NEVER registered for Irene and our payments were NEVER RECEIVED.

Attempts to contact Miyagi proved to be unsuccessful and suddenly Miyagi appeared and stated that he had a 'family crisis'. This was the last form of communication we have heard from him about this incident.

We had hoped this was a miscommunication and began to gather ourselves up and communicate. Numerous attempts to get a hold of Miyagi have been unsuccessful and the last we have spoken to him was October 18th. We handled the situation delicately because we did not wish to potentially ruin the reputation of a member and staffer of AO who was well known and respected on this site as well as the general airsoft community in this area. However, as time continued and no contact has been held with Miyagi and he has failed to contact any of us to offer an explanation - we have been forced to escalate this situation into a law enforcement matter.

Miyagi collected funds from almost 40 individuals and a total of nearly $10,000 has occurred.

Remember. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. I am not asking any member to strike against Miyagi nor drag him through the mud. In the end he is a human being. I am asking all of you to, if you do indeed make contact with this individual, to treat him respectfully. I do not want to hear anything negative from this community being thrown at him. No threats. No disgusting messages. Keep your personal opinions to yourself, please.

Now, you may ask. Well, Spetsnaz, why post this? Because I wish to warn all of you of a potential issue with an individual of this community who has taken the funds of almost 40 of your peers and almost $10,000, and even gear traded with the intention to be allowed entry into Operation Irene, and has simply disappeared with it - and has ignored all emails, phonecalls, and texts.

So, I am warning all of you, Airsoft Ohio, as well as the airsoft community, that this individual is a risk for you to do any sort of business with. I highly suggest avoiding any sort of transaction with this individual. Daniel Snodgrass, AKA Miyagi, has potentially violated the trust of many of us and in turn has several of our payments in his possession and has failed to fulfill the promises he had stated these payments were for.

I hope that this can be resolved and as of right now, we are working on that.

Dan, Miyagi, if you read this - I strongly recommend you make the right choice. You may contact any of us involved. We simply desire our money and property you were given for attendance to Operation Irene to be returned to those it belongs.

In the mean time, I would like to openly thank everyone involved who has been so very patient with this situation and have all been very helpful and cooperative. I would also like to thank all of the Airsoft Ohio staff who have taken the time out of their lives to assist in this problem and even giving us a place to discuss and coordinate our efforts. Thank you all.

Progressive Airsofter, for the good of the people. Since 2003.
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