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Necroposting: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

There is a blight amongst our great community and it has a name: NecroPosting.

What is NecroPosting?

Simply put, NecroPosting is bringing back to life, that which was dead. A Post of considerable age suddenly posted in, attempting to continue a discussion which had died of natural causes long ago.

Why is NecroPosting Good?

There are circumstances where reviving a thread is OK - that is to say continuing a discussion by adding relevant information to the topic to continue a discussion. In these cases, you are adding CONTENT OF VALUE - objective information to help correct or update information about this. In this case, please ADD CONTENT. One sentence is not valuable, stupid comments are not valuable.

Why is NecroPosting Bad?

While it is considered taboo on most message boards, this is the case for Airsoft Ohio. Often, this is due to very little actually being added to a discussion or a simple "yes man" or otherwise useless post.

It annoys members who choose to share their annoyance with the moderating staff. Moderator's one wish is to visit the forums without having to actually moderate, allowing them to enjoy the experience that is Airsoft Ohio.

It makes it obvious the poster did not notice the actual date of when the discussion took place.

Why is NecroPosting Ugly?

NecroPosting ultimately boils down to a person making a useless post when its obvious they are just making a facetious comment or are not able to read a simple date. Additionally, when trying to continue a discussion with someone who may not even be active on the forums it causes members to post their own remarks that occasionally make a mess that has to be cleaned up.

Infractions and/or Warnings will have to be issued, posts deleted, and threads closed.

How can I avoid NecroPosting?

Check the date of the very last post in the thread.
  • If it is less than 6 months since the last post, please feel free to post in the thread.
  • If it is older than 6 months since the last post, please create a new post and post a link back to the old discussion.

Read through the post and ask yourself if what you intend to add really contributes any new or useful points to the discussion.

Consider starting your own thread, but make reference to the old one.

Always use the Search and/or Google first if you have questions. You will be expected to do this so consider this before you post!

What will happen if I do NecroPost?

A member will usually comment on the fact the thread died long ago. Take this into consideration. If its an exceptionally old post, your comments may meet harsh criticism.

A Moderator may decide your comments are useless and delete them outright and the thread may be closed.

Useless posts will warrant being issued a warning or an infraction, which ultimately done at the moderators discretion. Repeated NecroPosts may result in ban from the forums depending on the nature of the posting, the severity of its usefulness/uselessness, or the frequency you are given infractions.
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