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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Here are a few good videos to watch that pretty much summarize the rules below:

Please take a moment to review our rules. These may seem harsh compared to a lot of the other airsoft websites on the internet, but these rules have kept us from descending to the barely-controlled chaos that plagues the aforementioned sites. If you have any questions about these, feel free to message me on the forums, and I'd be happy to help. There might be other forum-specific rules located in individual forums, so please keep an eye out for them and review them as well! Thanks!

1) The Golden Rule - If you don't have anything constructive to say about a question someone asks, then stay out of it. There has been a lot of comments to the extent of "GTFO" recently. These are overtly disrespectful, and since one can argue that the comments were "in jest" this is no longer allowed. Do NOT insult people in the forums publicly, even if you know them. Insulting administrators and moderators is even worse.

2) No "Yes Man" posting is allowed - If it has already been said, then it doesn't need said again, the exception to this rule being one concerning with votes or polls.

3) Be specific and research your question - A LOT of stuff has been covered previously in these forums(or elsewhere), and most of that more than once. The only time you should really ask a question is if it has not been answered before. If you're lazy and don't at least attempt to look, it makes it look like you are out for a quick fix of information, almost like a junkie would look for his fix. Whereas if you look up a bit of information yourself and ask informed questions, you look like someone who has put effort into a post, and wishes to further their knowledge about a topic. So who are you? A scholar or a junkie?

4) Spelling and Grammar - Spelling and Punctuation go hand in hand, and this rule applies to both. Please attempt to use proper grammar and spelling, "net speak" is not allowed here.

5) Signature line size - Due to the excessive amount of banners/userbars/quotes in signature lines we have now reinstituted an old policy, along with a new twist. You may have:
A. A large banner with dimensions no greater than 470(W)x72(H) pixels.
B. A total of no more than 4 (four) userbars, regardless of the size. However, these userbars cannot exceed 470x70 pixels.
C. No more than 2 (two) quotes in your signature.
D. No more than 1 (one) quote, and 2 (two) userbars.
E. No more than 7 lines of solid text (IE, a 7 line paragraph).

6) MPD/DID - This means you are not permitted to have more than one account. It should be fairly obvious as to why, but I will further explain: There are very few reasons that have more than one account, and most of them entail trying to circumvent punishment due to violations of the rules. Don't do it, or you'll get banned (ALL of the accounts you have)

7) 9-1-1 - The forum "report" feature is used ONLY in the case of extremely profane posts. There has been a rash of people using the "report" feature to report threads they simply don't agree with. The report feature was designed to notify moderators of posts that were a threat to forum integrity, not for you to complain about an opinion that doesn't line up with your own.

8) General Opinion Posts - Everyone has a different opinion, "What is a good X" is not a clear enough question. If you are interested in the data pertaining to a particular item, form your question and type it, such as "how does the velocity of x rifle compare to x rifle", etc etc etc. This does not mean you cannot PROVIDE an opinion when it makes sense to do so, you just cannot start a thread soliciting general opinions.

Forbidden posts - These types of posts are forbidden for various reasons, some start flame wars, others are trollish by nature. You needn't know the reason to respect the rule.
-Political posts
-Religious posts

Double posts - Please try to use the edit button instead of making a new post.

9) Classifieds and Commercialism - Several people present on AO these days were paintballers during it's decline from a primarily "woodsball" type game to what it is today. Many of these people (including myself) believe that the primary instrument to Paintball's downfall was the amount of commercial influences that were enacted upon it. As a result, AirsoftOhio has long been an anti-commercialist community, and many of our (up until now) unspoken policies have supported this philosophy, but now the policies will be put into writing for future reference:

a) No retailer shall come to Airsoft Ohio and attempt to sell any of their wares OUTSIDE of the "Retail Stores" forum. Airsoft Ohio doesn't charge for usage, and it's an entirely free community (one of the last ones left, sadly enough). We view retailers hawking their crap in our forums as abuse, and you will be banned instantly if you violate the policy (NO WARNINGS!) Our forum Administrator owns an airsoft website, and several of our Moderator staff either own, or work for airsoft stores, and not a single one of them violates this rule. If we don't let them do it, we sure as hell aren't going to let people who contribute nothing to this community and live 4 states away get away with doing it.

b) Up until recently we had a fairly "open" classifieds section, where pretty much anyone could register on AO and sell their wares. With Arnies having a "minimum number of posts" policy, and AirsoftRetreat going to a pay-by-ad system, Airsoft Ohio remained one of the last bastions of free trade. Unfortunately, that meant we got a lot of people from the aforementioned two websites registering just to post their stuff for sale. This isn't really a big deal in and of itself, but what BECAME a big deal was that these individuals often didn't read the classifieds rules, had their threads locked, then proceeded to ***** about their thread being locked. So basically it was another group of people contributing nothing, but drastically increasing the workload of the moderator staff. We have since changed our classifieds policy. As of 9/19/09 you now must be registered for a minimum of 60 days before you are able to use our classifieds. Attempting to circumvent this policy in any way will result in your account being banned from Airsoft Ohio.

10) No "witty" picture posts/replies. This applies to the "Cool story bro" and "Facepalm" pictures and other such pictures. These do not add value to the conversation and are typically disrespectful.

11) Photo Album Rules - You must be a member for 60 days before you can upload photos to the photo album.

(a) Only Post Content Relevant to Airsoft

This means only airsoft or airsoft-related materials. All un-related content may be removed.

(b) Only Post YOUR OWN Content

This is largely targeted at people who post retail pics in their albums.

If you cannot post YOUR OWN pics of YOUR OWN guns, then don't waste space.

(c) Please consider spacing and bandwidth issues - posting 15 pictures of the same gun, repeat images with no additional value, etc.

(d) Keep in mind Album Posting is a Privilege and not a right.

12) Chat room and Blog rules - All forum rules carry over to chat and blog posts.

Hints for gaining respect on here or any forum By: Decoy

1) Be humble - Don't assume you know anything, or have to be the righteous hand of the mods until you are WELL vested into the community. For the knowing part, that means LISTENING and LEARNING from the environment long before you try to act better than those who make the environment. For the righteous part, being a VETERAN who has done something for the community and apart of said community for some time (i.e. more than 1-2 years)

2) Spelling/punctuation - A lot is said about a person by their writing. If you're 14 and you swear your mature enough to attend an 18+ event...saying 'but im mature ask ne1 they tell u' doesnt help your arguement. If I can't understand you, then you're stupid...or at least that is the ruling mentality.

3) Think before posting - Think about what you're trying to say before you hit "submit reply". How does my response make me look? Remember, every action you take has an effect. If you come on AO acting like an A-hole, you'll be treated like an A-hole. If you act like you're better than everyone else, then you might get treated like a second class citizen.

4) Content Value - Ask yourself, does my post add to the value of the discussion? If the answer is 'no', then guess what? You've probably irritated someone and wasted a bunch of people's time.

5) Content Length - Unless answering a direct question, your responses or contributions should be more than cheering or brain farts (i.e. completely usless material) and should be longer than two sentences.

6) Utilize YOUR knowledge - If something doesn't pertain to you, or you have little to no first hand knowledge then don't post. Talking about how to upgrade a gun based off of a 'friend of a friend's' situation doesn't make what you're saying right, although in some cases it might. Don't deal with absolutes unless it is proven as an absolute. Just because something doesn't work for you (like a retailer for instance) doesn't mean it won't work in someone else's case.

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