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Kwa glock problem/scam

I would like to ask that nothing about the deal be posted on this thread. This is simply to thank you guys for supporting me in what happened. The guy most likely will not give me my mp7 back. He has not responded to my texts and left me a negative feedback on my itrader because he was pissed all of ao knows about him. I just called him and left him a message giving him the opportunity to send me my mp7 back for me to send him the pistols and mags back. I gave him a matrix metal body and acog as well that he forgot to add. I also told him that I would never even think of not sending him the pistols back because I am above that level of immaturity. I have traded with many people on airsoft ohio and love it. Usually I have nothing but great conversations with guys while trading items. I love how airsoft ohio guys are so freakin awesome. It is sad that people come along and mess it up, but that is life and we have to deal with it. I would personally like to thank each and every person who read the thread and commented. It means very much to me that you guys strive for the same level of excellence in dealings with people as I do. Mods if there is anyway you can take his negative feedback off my Itrader that would be appreciated because I dont want to have blemishes on my trading record for future dealings when something is not my fault. I cannot do face to face dealing because I do not have the time with going to school 8 hours a day and basketball 2 hours a day. I wish i could so that things like this would not happen but it is what it is.

Also would like to add to this that Red's post was amazing and possibly one of the funniest things I have read in a while. You are a freaking crazy ginger and i love you.

"It is AOs policy not to get involved with classifieds or trades of any sort. That is unfortunate, because you're a sack of **** for lying (omitting information is still considered a lie, bud) to someone, intentional or not. Because you're unwilling to make it right. I will not ban you due to our policy, and because i want you to make this right.

So make it right. Dman is right, by the way. A good 90-95% of your posts are in the classidieds. That means you aren't even contributing to the sites over-all worth.

I'll be monitoring your activity on the site from here on in."

He** yes.
Thanks once again my brothers. Hope to see some of you soon on the field!
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