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2012/08/31-2012/09/01 IPMO MUTC Event

The events at MUTC have a different flow to them than most airsoft events. We have found that traditional force on force style airsoft creates nasty choke points and a linear battle. We have found that the combat flows a lot more smoothly when a small number of OPFOR are put in a building, and a larger breaching force is sent in after them. So, that is how we run our scenarios.

Our scenarios are not complex, they are generally very simple. The focus of our events is not cool props or special effects. Our focus is learning with work with each other to succeed in dynamic stress situations.

Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex is a very dynamic environment. It boasts over 120 training structures, ranging from multiple story complexes, to rubble buildings, to shanty houses, over a mile of searchable tunnels, barracks, and more. Some popular features of the AO are the Eastern style market place and the six-story hotel. We rotate through facilities, so each month is something different.

It is a incredible opportunity that we are able to use MUTC. Since we began using MUTC in March of 2010, the Purdue Airsoft Club (PAC) and Indiana Private Military Operations (IPMO) have developed a working relationship with MUTC staff, and we are striving to keep that relationship as strong as possible.

-Conduct must be top notch while on base.
-Do not contact any MUTC staff for any reason, any questions go to me.
-Everyone will be expected to help clean the facility before checkout

Anyone who does not abide by the above, will either be asked to leave, or not be invited back.

General Information
When: 2012/08/31-2012/09/01
Where: Muscatatuck Urban Training Center ( )
Rules: Full seal goggles, 400fps or less, Age 18+ (16 and up only with parent attending)

The Barracks Have:
-Bunks with mattresses
-Bathrooms with running water
-Fridge/freezer and microwave

You must bring:
-A sheet to cover the mattress, and other sleeping equipment
-All your own food; however, there is a very good pizza joint on base where we usually have lunch.
-Appropriate clothes. The barracks are climate controlled, however the training area will not be in parts.
-Bring everything you need to be self-sustainable in a combat environment for a weekend.
-No hi-cap magazines.
-Full seal goggles, which must have clear lenses (non-tint).
-A flashlight.
-A radio (Puxing PX777 preferred).
-Bring brooms and dustpans to help with cleanup, if available.

2100 Arrival
0000 ENDEX

0800 Wake Up
1630 ENDEX
1800 Depart from site

-Please paypal all payments as personal gifts to
-Include your callsign in the comments section.
-Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
-You must be paid and on the roster. You will not be allowed in if you are not on my roster.

Payment Schedule
-$20 if paid by 2012/08/08
-$25 if paid after 2012/08/08 and before 2012/08/15
-$30 if paid after 2012/08/15 and before 2012/08/22
All payments must be received by Wednesday, 2012/08/22 before midnight.


1)If I bring a sniper rifle, can it be over 400 fps?
A sniper rifle is fine to bring, but must have regular gun shooting under 400fps as well... not all of our scenarios will we be able to work a sniper in.
Sniper FPS regulated under this ruleset:

2) Are we using the whole facility?
No. We use different sections of the facility each month.

3) Are there camo/loadout restrictions?
No. Wear what you want, provided you have the required safety gear.

4)What team will I be on?
Expect to be both OpFor and BlueFor, depending on how the day flows. Teams may shift throughout the day. You do not need two different loadouts to do this.


Mr. Kong
Phillip Bowen
Kyle Bennet
Jonathon Dittmer

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Oh **** yeah. Been waiting for this to pop up again.
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Well, Blind fury on the 24th, and Irene after that... My wife is gonna choke me if I keep this kind of schedule up. I've been waiting for this to come around as well. I'll check & see if I can make it to this. It'd be a great way to see the MUTC before Irene in September.

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Wheres this urban training center located?
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Originally Posted by ghost_91385 View Post
Wheres this urban training center located?
Check out my collection of war videos from Iraq and Afghanistan over 700+ videos(Firefights airstrikes etc....) top of the line stuff you wont be disappointed. I have over 13,000,000 views!

Also check out my GoPro Airsoft videos....
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Originally Posted by G.I.JONES View Post
Damb thats just shy of 5hrs from cant make it lol
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Roster has been updated. To all who have registered, please send me your phone number in a private message. This is so that I can touch base with you so that you have my number and will also know where to go once you arrive on base. Thanks.
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Sent ya' a PM on IA before I saw the request here, Trigger. Contact info and payment sent.
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Payment deadline has passed. Roster has been updated. If you paid and do not see your name/callsign on the roster, let me know. PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE TAKEN AT THE DOOR. You must be on this current roster to be allowed access.

The entrance to MUTC is preceded by a long, nameless road between two corn fields, it is essentially their driveway. At the entrance is a gatehouse. YOU DO NOT NEED TO STOP AT THE GATEHOUSE. The guard should wave you through. Immediately after you pass the gatehouse, there is an intersection. Turn LEFT at this intersection. Just after you turn, you will see a parking lot to your left. Turn left into this parking lot. There are three barracks next to this parking lot. We are staying in Barracks 56, the one farthest to the left. Park as close to Barracks 56 as you can and come inside.

-Make sure that you bring all of the food, gear, and water that you will need for the entire event. Tap water is available in the barracks, but itís not that great.
-Review the other required equipment in the main post and make sure that you bring it.
-If you have brooms, please bring them. The more brooms we have, the quicker we can clean up (EVERYONE is expected to help clean up).


First, check the main post for the answer to your question. Then, you may send me a message. If you have trouble finding MUTC, or Barracks 56 on the day of the event, or can no longer make it, give me a call at 765-376-4952. Please do not call with general questions. That is what messaging is for.

I look forward to seeing you all next weekend.
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