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Need some help diagnosing a problem

So I recently picked up a second-hand Classic Army G3 (Sportmatch ES), with the intention of using it as a backup/loaner. Although I was assured it was in total operational condition (and I was picking it up cheaply enough that I didn't seriously test the claim), a couple of hours at home has taught me otherwise.

I plugged in a 1600maH 8.4v stick, and attempted to fire on semi. No firing, no cycling, no sounds at all, but pulling the trigger felt different than just pulling the trigger with no battery - it is sort of hard to explain, but it was sort of like trying to fire with a dead battery? At first I thought my battery was just toast. However, on a whim I plugged the same battery into my other G3 and it started doing its thing.

I figured maybe the wiring running from the rear to the foregrip was bad, so I disconnected it and plugged the battery into the stock, as it is in the fullstock CAG3 variants. I got one shot on semi, and then the trigger became very heavy, and pulling it resulted in a sort of "chunk" sound. I set the selector to full, pulled the trigger, and it was firing as it should, and continued to work the way it was supposed to when I set it back to semi, for a while, and then locked back up again.

At that point, I noticed the grip (motor) was becoming very really quite warm, and decided to stop messing with it for fear of making the problem worse. I'm not sure where the fuse is, so I haven't checked it, though I assume if the fuse was burnt it wouldn't work at all, and I haven't messed with the motor up/down adjustment because I am also of the assumption that if that was wrong it wouldn't work at all.

Apologies for the wall of text. Figured it was best to give all the information I could in one place.
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Yes, if its working, fuse is good. OR, there is no fuse. Or, the fuse is too isnt sized properly. ie, if you clear a 15amp fuse, installing a 20amp doesnt solve the problem.
I would make sure you have a fuse.
IF the motor is getting real hot, then you have too much load on it. Meaning, something is bound up or out of alignment. could be a number of things.
Basically, you have to take it apart.
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Agreed with Mr. Chief on this... sounds like your AOE or motor angle is engaging too much into the gear box causing it to lock up, or atleast making the motor work too hard to turn the gears... Gear box could need re-shimed, motor height could need adjusted, or you have a connection (wiring problem)

I think the "Clunk" you heard, might be unrelated and might have been just the selector switch or trigger catch not engaging properly.
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Could be:

-Bad motor
-Motor wire disconnected (or partially disconnected) from motor
-Short in the wiring harness someplace (it's common for them to be pinched during gearbox assembly, and since classic army uses ****ty soft wires, they get stripped easily if any pressure whatsoever is applied to them)
-Blown fuse (if you have one)
-Motor adjustment screw is set too tight, meaning the motor is literally wedged into the gears
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Another possible answer, and I ran into this one, the motor leads are reversed and your motor is trying to turn backwards into the Anti reversal latch.
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Possibly a cut-off lever problem that messes with the trigger assembly?
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Sounds to me like a worn-out motor, as has been suggested by several others. Try the motor from your other G3 in the new one, and if the problems persist, its something else.

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I would think a good question to ask is has this gearbox been upgraded or had maintenance done to the point where the gearbox was opened and tampered with? Sounds as though the motor cant pull what ever set up its running or your set up has too much friction or drag from being assymbled improperly. either way, open it up, check the gears and shimming, clean and regrease, check your AOE and lastly get a spring that you personnaly know is around an M100-M110, swap it with whats in there now just to be sure someone didnt try to throw an M130 or 140 in a stock set-up. Put it all togeather and set your motor height. If you know or have a friend that can show you how to do all this then it wont cost you more the 15$ if all the parts are good and you with have a gearbox you can trust and should be very reliable.
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Well I successfully managed to render my other, previously well-functioning G3 inop while testing the motors. Anyone who knows what they are doing wanna make a quick buck? =/
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It could also be the trigger sled retention pin inside the gearbox has broken off and the trigger can't engage the trigger sled. That would require some extra work inside the gearbox, but it can be easily fixed.
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