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ARR: Tribulation III

Although a small turnout, this milsim has been increasingly interesting.

There were around 4-5 squads, some just normal factions and others raiders and invulnerable enemies (there we role players that were key to the story, such as the lone Soviet and his juggernaut and the store owner and his juggernaut).

My squad initially started in a very hidden area. We quickly surged through the village, searching for materials (gold bars, fuel, batteries etc..), and after finding a radio and a few gold bars, we headed up toward the main fortress in order to link up with other factions. Combat started on our way up, and we decided that not only were we outnumbered, but surrounded by both Green Faction and raiders.

We retreated back toward the village, and into the airstrip. We set up shop behind the hangar and used that to respawn later in the game. After getting our base sorted out, we moved back up toward the main fortress, only taking a different path. We grouped up with Green Faction and fired upon raiders for about 5 minutes until we set a few of our own up to the merchant (who was defended by raiders, a juggernaut, and was the inhabitant of the main fortress). After dancing a jig to entertain the merchant and spare my faction's life, we began trade. Unlike the last Tribulations, the merchants are not nearly as important as they were in the past. Before, medic bottles were a common resource that could only be supplied through the merchants. This year, medic bottles were not used.

After departing from the merchant, we ran into another main character - the remnants of the Soviet military. He was dressed in full combat gear (helmet, plate carrier, and gas mask included), and spoke generous amounts of Russian (literally). Being the leader of my faction, I had to negotiate with this man. I know very little Russian, but actually being able to understand him and reply to him and being the only person able to was pretty cool. This man was the antagonist of this milsim, and we kind of figured, seeing as he was the remnants of the Soviet military. My team was sporting Soviet patches ourselves, so we just decided to help this guy. The MAIN goal of every faction was to leave the field with the most materials, the secondary goal was to ensure that the last Soviet didn't activate a biological weapon. We helped construct the bio weapon, defended the parts, and bargained with raiders - and then decided that we no longer wanted to help this man. So when he went off with his juggernaut to work something out with the merchant (who he also planned to kill), we took the bomb and crucial pieces to it, split them among the faction, and ran back into the city. We hid the bomb behind our spawn.

This greatly extended play time for a good couple of hours. We didn't see the Soviet the rest of the game (we were trying to avoid that general area). The bomb was missing, the parts for it were plentiful, but they had to be bartered for. The Soviet was unable to get near the merchant, as they had had a clash when my faction was still helping him.

We'd done the one thing you always see in movies and think, "Man, that was really dumb! Why did they do that?!". We attacked any faction, raider, or role player we ran into. No one was safe from us, but that worked both ways. We ended up getting pinned down in multiple locations, only to be chased out by the merchant's juggernaut, who he'd sent out to wreak havoc on the factions (it attacked everyone).

Our final stand was made at the merchant's fortress, who had the time, abandoned his post. We bunkered down and killed all who trespassed near the fortress....Then, the merchant came back...Kill two of my men, and I just kind of swore my faction's allegiance to him. For the last 10 minutes of the day, we defended the merchant's fortress from everyone who dared attack. We then received word that the bio weapon was detonated inside the city and that the game was over.

This was the last Tribulation that those writers would be running. My team and I now hold the rights to the milsim, and will be writing and running it next year.

9/10 - great event
i like jeeps and bbwarz
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