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New plastic slingers at Shorty USA

The past month has seen several new additions to the Shorty USA arsenal ranging from the nifty little Sig Sauer P230 to the awesome Umarex H&K G36C blow back! Check out our website for more pictures!

Umarex/Ares H&K G36C AEG Airsoft Rifle Blow Back

Manufactured by Heckler & Koch the G36 was designed as the new battle rifle for the German army to replace the aging G3. Chambered for the high velocity 5.56x45 NATO round the design of new H&K rifle took a severely different path from previous models as it was constructed almost entirely out of reinforced polymer. This rifle first entered service in the mid 90s and is still in service today with the German army as well as other elite law enforcement and military units around the world.

This airsoft replica is manufactured by Ares and features fully licensed H&K trademarks through Umarex. The G36C is the most compact of the G36 family which at just over 28 inches long is even shorter than a M4. Faithfully following the design of the real steel this rifle is constructed with a polymer body and has the exact same weight as its real steel counterpart. Even those who are not familiar with the G36 will find this rifle comfortable and easy to use. Being fully ambidextrous this rifle is perfect for the left or right handed shooter with a centrally located magazine release and both left and right hand selector switches. Its skeleton stock folds and locks to the right side of the rifles body effectively cutting a third of the rifles length making it highly versatile in any situation without interfering with the function of the rifle.

Externally the Ares G36 is esthetically pleasing and very detailed however things really start to get interesting once you begin sending rounds downrange. That is because this rifle is equipped with a tow hook blow back system that not only replicates the action of a real firearm but also produces a noticeable amount of recoil. Squeeze off a round and the rifles bolt and charging handle will jump back just like the real thing. Surprisingly this produces enough recoil that you do have to make a conscious effort to keep your muzzle on target when unloading a full auto burst making for some awesome shooting fun.

Ares uses a full metal Version 3 gearbox in their rifle which has undergone some rather ingenious modifications. These include a revolutionary quick change spring system which enables you unlock a specially designed spring guide and swap out the rifles spring through the rear of the gearbox in under a minute to quickly adjust its muzzle velocity. To aid in this process they incorporated a piston release lever into the rifles bolt catch which when depressed will allow the piston to travel to its forward most position to decompress the spring as much as possible. They also radically departed from the age old trigger contact design and fitted their gearbox with a sealed trigger switch just like those found on a CA M249. Even with these unique features the gearbox is still compatible with most aftermarket upgrade parts for its piston, cylinder and gear sets. Although, the rifle comes set up pretty well as standard. It uses steel gears with the sector and spur gears running on solid steel 7mm bushings for added durability while the bevel gear runs on low drag 7mm bearing bushings for maximum efficiency. It has a half metal tooth polycarb piston with a polycarb piston head that seals exceptionally well for amazing compression.

Overall this rifle is an awesome performer with loads of features which you will not find together on any other rifle. That along with being licensed by Heckler & Koch makes this a must have for any airsoft enthusiast.

Please note that unlike traditional AEGs this rifle has a 14mm CW (clockwise) threaded muzzle.

This Umarex product comes with a 1 YEAR warranty provided by Umarex USA. Warranty repair or replacement on this item must go through the Umarex service center and does not fall under the Shorty USA warranty.
  • Operation: Electric Blow Back
  • Fire mode/s: Semi / Full Auto
  • Muzzle velocity: 380 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 180 feet
  • Rate of fire: 825 RPM
  • Ammo type: High polished .2g to .28g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Weight: 6.1 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 415 rds (Wind Up High Capacity Magazine)
  • Length: 19.75 - 28.25 inches
  • Battery: 8.4v mini or butterfly type
  • Motor type: Short Shaft Type
  • Inner barrel: 247mm
  • Comes with orange tip
  • Battery and Charger NOT included.

©2010 Shorty USA Inc. Property of Shorty USA Inc. Duplication for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.

ECHO 1 Full Metal M4 Platinum Edition AEG Airsoft Rifle & Hard Case

The Platinum Edition M4 was a joint project between ECHO 1 USA and VFC of Taiwan to develop a high end AEG which could complete with the top dogs of the industry in every category while retaining the same high level of value which put ECHO 1 on the map. The result of this collaboration is a lightweight, high performance M4 series carbine which will make your heart beat just a little faster.

With full metal construction the rifle is solid and well balanced yet surprisingly weighs less than an traditional ABS bodied M4. This is thanks mostly to a lightweight aluminum receiver which features a high quality anodized finish and laser engraved markings. The level of detail is remarkably high from the finely painted select fire designators to the serial sequential number each individual rifle receives. Another little noteworthy feature is the rifles polymer pistol grip which is noticeably narrower than traditional AEG grips and much closer to the feel of the real rifle. The rest of the rifles furniture is also manufactured from high quality polymer instead of cheap plastic which makes it that much more realistic. As with most M4 models, pulling back on the charging handle flips open the dust cover and pulls back the mock bolt to reveal the adjustable hop-up. However, this rifle features a working bolt catch so the bolt stays back after releasing the charging handle so you do not have to juggle the rifle while holding the charging handle back with one hand just so you can adjust the hop-up with the other. Just cycle the handle, adjust the hop-up and when you are done slap the release and the bolt snaps forwards just like the real thing. As you can see the rifle is equipped with a 5 position collapsible crane stock which can house an 8.4v or 9.6v crane or butterfly type battery pack.

The Platinum Edition M4 is packaged in a hard plastic carrying case and comes with both a 110 round mid capacity magazine as well as a 300 round high capacity magazine. While the rifle comes with a steel sling plate already installed for use with a one point sling, they have also included an optional front sling mount if you want to use a two or three point sling.

Its metal version 2 gearbox is a thing of beauty and comes standard with lots of goodies. These include such things as steel gears running on 8mm steel bushings, ported aluminum piston head with bearing, polycarb piston, M110 spring, steel spring guide with bearing and a steel selector plate.

All of this produces an average of 370 fps at the muzzle and when powered by only an 8.4v battery it will rip out 1,000 rounds per minute. With a 9.6v in play you can expect to achieve over 1,100 rounds per minute. This combined with a one piece hop-up and precision 363mm barrel the rifle can effectively reach targets out to 180 feet away with great accuracy.

Comes with: Hard case, display flash hider, front sling mount, 1 high cap and 1 mid cap magazine.
  • Operation: Electric
  • Fire mode/s: Semi / Full Auto
  • Muzzle velocity: 370 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 180 feet
  • Rate of fire: 1000 RPM
  • Ammo type: High polished .2g to .28g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Weight: 5.75 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 110rd (Mid Capacity magazine), 300rd (Wind Up High Capacity Magazine)
  • Length: 31.5 – 34.75 inches
  • Battery: 8.4v or 9.6v Butterfly Type
  • Motor type: Long Shaft Type
  • Inner barrel: 363mm
  • Comes with orange tip
  • Battery and charger NOT included.

©2010 Shorty USA Inc. Property of Shorty USA Inc. Duplication for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.

JG M4 New Gen AEG Airsoft Rifle

The JG M4 is among the most popular AEGs currently on the airsoft market and has been for the past several years. Being cloned from a Marui design they are a solidly built rifle with excellent performance at a price that is easy on the wallet. The updated New Generation version of this awesome rifle features beefed up the internals and enhanced performance to answer the demands of todays airsoft riflemen.

Weighing in at a comfortable 6 lbs the rifle is very easy to manage and highly maneuverable. It has the traditional six position collapsible stock and a removable carry handle. With the carry handle removed its flattop receiver can accommodate an endless list of accessories ranging from reflex sights to rifle scopes. If you like to go at it old school, the carry handle itself features an A2 rear sight which has dual apertures and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Although the rifle does not have a metal receiver it does have a high metal content which includes the barrel, front sight, front sling mount, mag catch, selector lever, charging handle, buffer tube and rear sling mount. Do keep in mind that since these are mass produced rifles you do see the occasional cosmetic blemish in its finish.

The performance of this rifle is quite impressive and is more than capable of holding its own against rifles well outside of its price class. With only an 8.4v battery it can churn out a sinister 900 rounds per minute at 400+ fps. With a 9.6v battery in play you can expect the rate of fire to reach close to 1,000 rounds per minute. When we peeked inside of the full metal V2 gearbox we found it is fitted with steel gears running on 6mm steel bushings. It has a polycarb piston with a ported piston head for improved compression and a metal spring guide for increased durability.

Overall the JG M4 is a surprisingly well built rifle for its modest price tag and performs well beyond its class. An excellent value whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your airsoft arsenal.

Comes with: 1100 mah battery pack, 300 mah trickle charger and cleaning rod.
  • Operation: Electric
  • Fire mode/s: Semi / Full Auto
  • Muzzle velocity: 400 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 180 feet
  • Rate of fire: 900 RPM
  • Ammo type: High polished .2g to .28g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 300 rds (Wind Up High Capacity Magazine)
  • Length: 30.25 – 33.5 inches
  • Battery: Mini, Butterfly or Nun-Chuck Type 8.4v or 9.6v (Excluding Windhorse 9.6v
  • 2400mah Nun-Chuck)
  • Motor type: Long Shaft Type
  • Inner barrel: 363mm
  • Comes with orange tip

©2010 Shorty USA Inc. Property of Shorty USA Inc. Duplication for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.

Sig Sauer P230 Softair Spring Pistol Silver

Currently on sale for only $9.99!!

When our supplier first told us about this pistol we were a little skeptical considering its low price. Although after we saw this little beauty and had a chance to shoot it we were completely sold. For the money you are not going to find a better pistol than the Sig Sauer P230.

Featuring fully licensed Sig Sauer trademarks through Cybergun this streamlined pocket pistol is quite the looker. It is solidly constructed out of ABS with a metal trigger, safety, hammer, magazine base plate and magazine catch. Its detachable magazine holds 20 rounds which is pretty impressive for a pistol its size.

Measuring only 7 inches long and with a narrow slide and frame, the low profile P230 is perfect for a backup and can easily be tucked under your body armor or into a pouch on your vest. Its smooth contours and rounded edges allow it to be drawn from a concealed location without snagging on clothing or gear. Also, since the magazine catch is located at the base of the grip and catches the magazines base plate it is less likely to get bumped and accidentally release the magazine which can happen with traditional push button releases.

  • Operation: Spring
  • Fire mode/s: Manual cocking
  • Muzzle velocity: 130 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 60 feet
  • Ammo type: .2g
  • Hop Up: Fixed
  • Weight: .5 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 20 rds
  • Locking slide: No
  • Open ejection port: No
  • Length: 7 inches
  • Comes with orange tip

©2010 Shorty USA Inc. Property of Shorty USA Inc. Duplication for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.
Shorty USA Inc.
86 Albe Dr.
Newark, DE 19702
(302) 366-8375

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