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Hit calling and you


I have played airsoft with AO for six years and have reffed at least 3-4 games per year, took pictures at plenty of events, and have helped staff games for years. I figure you don't need a resume, but it just adds to my point here; out of all of the incidents I have personally been involved in while reffing, staffing, taking pics, etc. I would say less than 5% of people are actually hitting the individual they are calling out or complaining about.

Friendly remiders:
  • Your gun does not shoot as far or as accurately as you'd like to think. Even if you've measured the groupings of your airsoft replica ten times over, you DO NOT shoot as far as you think. It's probably not awesome to hear, but you are not in a controlled environment, and your toy BB gun is not a laser beam.
  • Players do not flinch exclusively when they get hit. They also flinch when BBs go by them, they see BBs coming (and evade them), they hear shots, they hear BBs hit near them, something makes a loud noise, they walk into a tree branch or almost smack their face into a pipe - just because you THINK you're hitting a player because he "flinched" does not mean you hit the player in question.
  • You are not seeing your BBs hit the players 150 feet off. Even with magnification, your eyes will play tricks on you all day long. Perception of depth will vary based on light conditions, your ability to see, and if you're using magnification, the clarity of the scope/optic. Basically, what this means is, you will not be able to see what actually made your BB stop, or if your BB actually continued in the flight path you thought you saw - the brain does amazing things, and can often cause what might be considered an expectancy effect.

In short, If you have a legitimate complaint about cheating or rule breaking, take it up with the EO on site at the field, NOT on an airsoft forum after the fact. If you did not talk to an EO on site and have video or photographic evidence of an incident after the fact (that is clear, concise, and you don't need professional NFL play reviewers to decipher what's going on), take it to the EO.

So please just keep those things in mind and for pete's sake, stop complaining about it!



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Thanks for this Red,it was needed,the butthurt around here was getting a little out of hand.
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Sticky for red being a ginger and being right about hit calling.
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Great post red!
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GREAT POST RED! TO ADD FOR PLAYERS AND NEWER GUYS! Ladies and gents, if you "think" you got hit, call it, better being safe than pissing someone off. Also, when you're hit, don't freak out like I just chopped off your head, accept it, it's airsoft, you will get hit, no matter how much of a L33T high speed low drag operator you are. I respect people way more when they give a thumbs up or say "nice shot" more than adults who flail around swearing and flustered. My .02.

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This thread was well needed and it should be added as a sticky.

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+1 for sticky, great thread.
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Just need to pound this into the head of people who don't seem to grasp the concept.
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I don't know... I heard tan cheats...
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Note to others your AIRSOFT gun is not real.
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Great post I agree it's needed especially for how much Airsoft is growing on Ohio and all the noobs out there these days.
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i also saw a psa about it, but i cant find it. sad face
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I don't get complaining about hit calling online. Settle it then and there, and leave the misunderstanding on the field. I'm surprised we are even allowed to talk about it on AO.

Airsoft is a game of honor. Be honest to yourselves, and trust your opponents' judgement. Leave it at that.
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Originally Posted by Rowdy View Post
I don't get complaining about hit calling online. Settle it then and there, and leave the misunderstanding on the field. I'm surprised we are even allowed to talk about it on AO.

Airsoft is a game of honor. Be honest to yourselves, and trust your opponents' judgement. Leave it at that.
+1 on this message as well as the OP.
This is definitely sticky material. and possibly a mandatory link on post-event threads.
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Lol. Sad this is a valid and needed post.

Originally Posted by Badger View Post
Airsoft: 30 dollar non blowback 1911 that doubles as a boomerang.
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Red, you're my hero. i love you (no homo)
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Hit calling, or even calling out others and complaining about it is something that we've dealt with since Day 1 on here. I think I started a similar topic about 10 years ago. It all boils down to the mindset of the people playing.

Look. Airsoft is a game. It's mean to be a fun, recreational activity. There are no real stakes. There arren't prizes or trophies given out at the end of a day, and no big CA$H prize! For me, it has always about getting out in the woods with friends and having a fun time shooting at each other in different kinds of military simulations.

Unfortunately there are people, and there will always be people, who go onto the field with a certain kind of attitude. It's difficult to say what exactly that attitude is, because I honestly can't relate to it, but it's true. Whether it be someone who purposely doesn't call hits, or it's someone else who accuses others, there are always "those" people who yell, curse and scream at others for "cheating", etc. I've seen almost-fistfights break out at some of my events in the past, and being in the airsoft industry, I always hear about so-and-so getting pissed off at an event and yelling at someone else over who didn't call their hits, etc. It's just immature behavior at its worst, and it's uncalled for.

As Red alluded to, no gun or airsoft BB is perfect, and you have to go onto the field with a suspension of disbelief and a certain kind of attitude. It's an attitude about accepting that airsoft guns aren't perfect, and neither are you or anyone else. It's the attitude of knowing that sometimes people don't get hit, even when you think they do. It's about letting those frustrations slide right off of you so that you can get on with the game, have fun and not ruin things for others. Getting mad about it and yelling, screaming and cursing about it on the field isn't going to solve a single thing. It pulls people out of the experience and fun, and it's only going to reflect poorly on the people doing the yelling. I guess if you want people to think you're a douche, then keep on yelling, but by doing so, you ruin things for others because of it. If that's the kind of attitude you feel you must have, then I think it's probably better to pick a different hobby that might inject more positive reinforcement into your life.

I always walk onto a field knowing certain rules and realizing that airsoft is not a perfect sport and likely never will be. I'm there to have fun, enjoy myself, enjoy the comradery and enjoy the scenery and experience. A little testosterone and exercise is always a good thing, but being a jerk and ruining the experience for others is uncalled for and doesn't belong in a sport where honor and integrity is expected.

Be honorable and respectful to other players at all times, and if you do have an issue, do your best to resolve the issue in a mature way, and if that is not possible, attempt to find a resolution through the EO (Event Organizer). If that still doesn't work, then just take note in your mind that the people who cause those kinds of situations likely arren't going to change anytime soon, and learn to accept them and live with their behavior, even as unfortunate as it is. Maybe one day they'll either learn to relax and have a good time, or they'll slowly weed their way out of the sport and move onto something else.

Again, like Red stated, be aware of those rules, and more, and just enjoy airsoft for what it is.
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Falcon, us tan don't cheat, we have body armor, duh lol jk. But being serious now this was getting to be an issue, hit calling is a sad but expected part of the sport, it always happens. All you can do is go out on the field and take your hits like a man, and give the other guy a thumbs up for besting you in the field of battle. And if someone else doesn't call their hit, tell the EO, or the ref. If your not willing to go that far then don't come back here an complain about it.

On another note, great post Red, good sense wakeup call for most.
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