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Super light weight AR. Most AR-15 Accessories were purchased at Mounting Solutions Plus
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PA-63 chambered in 9x18mm Makarov
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ok,always post in these threads...(cause im a show off)

my latest builds:

an AK74 pistol (1.25" barrel) & AK47 (5" barrel)
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My built 870. Took an 870 Express and put a Remington Ghost Ring sight barrel on it, Remington +2 mag extension, Magpul Forend, Mesa Tactical 6 position adapter, Houge AR-10 Overmold pistol grip, Mil-spec buffer tube, and Magpul MOE AR-15 stock, plus a Magpul AR-15 1 point sling adapter.

Still have to get the receiver drilled and tapped for a Trijicon rear ghost ring RIS combo.
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Bought my first gun today. Remington Magpul Tactical 870 in FDE. Planning on making a velcro shell saddle for 6 more rounds and adding an AFG. Haven't fired it yet sadly. I'm dying to.

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It's true, i mean we are all thinking it. SoL is a sexy man beast. I'd hit that.
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Originally Posted by Son of Liberty View Post
Bought my first gun today
i remember when my cherry popped too
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Originally Posted by CheEzZy View Post
I like it nice and simple.
"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference- they deserve a place of honor with all that is good." -George Washington
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I myself have the weirdest gun. it's styled after the m1 carbine, but the standard mag was removed and replaced with a tubular barrel, then it was converted to 22. marlin made them, not sure if they still do.
to lazy to take a photo though.
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Yoo!! Where is my gun ?
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Been a long time since I posted my collection. From left to right: Mossburg 702 .22, Arsenal SGL-31 in 5.45 with Plum furniture, CORE-15 M4 Scout AR-15(my next project), 1940 Tula M91/30, Yugo M44/47 Mauser, Springfield Mod 944 Series A .410 shotgun (dated 1959), Remington 870(My build). Pistols are: Circle 10 Makarov PM, CZ-75 PCR, Sig Sauer P250 .45ACP, and XD-45 .45ACP.

Then My newest treasure:

IZ-109 Saiga 12 (with my SGL-31), Going to be giving it a makeover once the AR is done. But so far I love it. Will love it even more once I get the autopuck in it.
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A little background, I failed out of SF Selection 2 weeks ago, so I'm currently in the out processing unit where we do things like cleaning and opfor details. Well, I got really lucky and was put on the 18B (weapons sergeant) detail, where I had to set up, load and test fire many weapons. Here's a collage I threw together of the best stuff


The artist formerly known as 8 Ball

For Para Cord Survival Bracelets:
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My Primary

My Lite build:

My GF's build:

I replaced the forearm with a 7" rail system. She's using a grip pod since its easier for her to control the rifle. I am using her aimpoint clone on the LR308 while she's using a generic 42mm Red Dot on a carry handle mount. The rails are covered with the individual black rail covers.

Here they are together...

The LR308:

Replaced all the individual railcovers with some cheat ladder covers. Also moved the EMOD onto the LR308 and got an IMOD for my AR15. I'm going to put some decent glass on the LR308 so the Gf will get her Aimpoint clone back.

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Awesome guns guys!!

Evike Custom Noveske rail G&P M4, A&K M249 Para, AM 013-DE, Cyma M14, VFC Walther PPQ, Classic Army M4

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