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Thumbs up Joker's Event Hosting Basics

Originally posted by me on the Indiana Airsoft Association site some time ago, but thought it may be of to some use here. Feel free to add, edit, more, delete as needed.

Here is a VERY basic guideline for those that are interested in hosting an airsoft game or event. I have been hosting airsoft games since I started playing airsoft in Indiana in 1998 (Simply because I HAD to, it was either host my own or drive to OH to play, which I often did.) I have over the years hosted games from 4 to 100+ people in all weather conditions imaginable. If it could go wrong I have at some point done it but you will learn from your mistakes as I did. This is again a basic idea of the thought process I go through before I host an airsoft game.

The first thing you need to do or think about is a location. If you have an airsoft field or have a place that would be good to play airsoft at then you are pretty much set. If you do not, you then need to seek out property that you HAVE PERMISSION to use. (The location also helps you plan your event & decide on objectives later on.)

Once you have a location you then need to consider a date. The date you choose should give you enough time to gather materials such as props and get yourself organized. Usually 2 weeks is the minimum that it takes to get things planned and organized but most people prefer at least a month. If you do not own the field you are using to play airsoft you must also make sure the date you choose is OK with the field owner. You may also have to make sure other games especially large ones are not being held on that date. You also have to factor in weather, you canít control it but you have to plan for it.

Then you need to decide on what kind of airsoft game you want to host. Is it just a simple game or skirmish? Or is it going to be a large event? How many people can your field hold, do you have to host an invite only game due to size? You have to also take into account parking. The types of game you want to host also determines the amount of planning and work you going to put into your game. A simple day of skirmishes vs. a large MilSim game requires much more planning and organization.

Once the above is decided upon then you can begin to write your airsoft game and rules for said airsoft game. For help on writing games refer to the following link: . Most people write their games first and think they are done, wrong. Most airsoft rules are universal but you may need to write special rules for things like Medics, camo, respawn, and so forth. Writing the game out is mostly the easy part. A helpful hint from me would be to concentrate more on the game objectives then the background story. Most people donít even read let alone remember the story line, it is helpful especially in MilSim games to get into character but it is often over looked. So again make sure you have enough clear objectives for all sides to ensure lots of trigger time and game play (& fun!).

After you have hammered all the details of your airsoft game out you then need to decide how to administer your airsoft game. Do you need props? Do you have a Chrono? Do field boundaries need to be marked off? How are you going to referee your game? What are you going to include in your game briefing and who is going to give it? How are you going to run your goggle checks, Chrono station, and gear checks? How are you going to give out the objectives to the teams? If you think that you can do all of this by yourself (especially if your hosting your first game) then you are wrong. You can not be at multiple places at once. You will need some help with things, which is why a team can be helpful in this area. Donít try to do things alone, even if your not part of a team donít be afraid to ask attending airsoft veterans for help. This is why you need time to prepare yourself, you may need to build props or go work on the field. Doing this alone will result in giving you a very high stress level, you may forget to do important things, and your game will not start anywhere near on time.

WARNING!: Hosting airsoft games is by no means fun or a good ole time. Itís a lot more work then most people think it is. Its exhausting and stressful. And often times some things get over looked or forgotten. Hell most of the time EOs donít even get to play in their own games. Then after the game is over the Event Organizers get to hear all of your complaints & you get told multiple times what you could have done better. BUT there are those few people that attended your game that had fun and a good time. And that is why Event Organizers do what they do, to make sure you are having a good time shooting at each other.

Once again this is a very basic guide or outline of hosting airsoft games. Even if you donít plan to host a game this will make you think twice before jumping down an EOs throat about their game, remember they donít have to host anything if they donít want to. It is a learning process. They host airsoft games for you.

~Joker out....

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Not to put this down or anything, but this is EXTREMELY basic. For anyone looking to start an event, this is a good place to start. You bring up a few good points, however you're missing a lot of details. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Logistics & finances, legal responsibility, and theory vs. practices are huge things that really cannot be understood until you start hosting.

Everyone's first event is hell on earth, and even veteran hosts can have hell on earth if they're not familiar with the field they're hosting on. And you DEFINITELY need more than 2-4 weeks to do an event. In my experience, MONTHS of planning is proper and, frankly, necessary...

Just my .02 to the new guys who think they're ready to host an event just after reading this. It's a little deceptive.

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The Texal Airsoft Organization (TASO) has very structured and detailed information regarding event hosting.
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Thanks Joker. I'm writing a game in conjunction with a local CQB place. This really made me make a checklist to see if I had it all.
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