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Perfekt, that was just not much else to say
What you brought up is pretty much was has been done for some time now. The BS with other players is usually a problem since it delays the game startup or re-start (after lunch for example).

The whole thing is being able to balance between event fee, game time, trigger time, objectives, props, leadership (yeh, organizers can be blame for poor leadership), chain of command, communication, etc.
Example, we are planning to build a full village in the West field this year. The day we host the event, something goes wrong and the leadership take the decision to avoid the West field at all cost. After the event in the AAR, you could read "the event suck, I did not see any buildings all day". Perception and prediction are too very hard thing to control when you organize an event.

for some, paying 20$ is the maximum they will pay while some others will gladly fly to California to play a wood event (total cost about 1000$/player). Finding the perfect balance will give you the perfect event.
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Awesome videos;

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I would like to see maybe a neutral third party force, Like Shadow @ Lion Claws Events. That way there is more going on than just One side vs the other taking objectives.

Squads that actually stick together.

I also would like to see Role Players that make you actually have to acknowledge that they are there and analyze the situation, and move on. Not just bodies on the field walking around with out bdu's trying to make people notice them.

Maybe have some mind fields, or down UAV's such as seen in LC series.

Night Missions would be cool as long as it's not so dark you can't see, cuz a few of us from the 97th went to a Pennsylvania event and had the worst night mission exp. ever, I lost stuff off my gun, not to mention not being able to walk five feet w/o falling over... not fun.

Hot dogs are cool, and I have yet to be a part of a Raffle so??... Idk I guess I would like to exp that once?? lol.

This is a little out there, but I think it would be cool to get like a real Army Special forces unit like a small squad that works together, to come to one of our bigger events and show us a run down of the real deal, and then invite them to play.?? doubt it could happen, but would be cool.

Finally - Video footage. A DVD of one AO's events would be awesome.
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Strict Milsim Rules<<<<<

Only for Milsim events. If you don't like open play......

Teams with color coordinated BDU, not armbands<<<<<

Nice in theory but everyone should have the right to camo themselves in accordance with their surroundings

Objective Based Scenerios<<<<<


Run by experienced event coordinators<<<<

I think events are getting better every year

Higher Caliber of Players<<<<<<

Higher than what? Airsoft has always been open to all who love the game

Not required to wear Painball Masks to play<<<<<<

I don't believe that is currently a requirement. If it is where you play, it shouldn't be
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This post is coming from a serious milsim slant, some of it is aimed toward milsim event organizers and the teams that attend the events.

Age/Maturity - I agree with keeping the age restrictions the way they are now. It seems like every other day someone is apologizing for being immature on the AO forums. We can't even have chat or a rep system without immaturity ruining it. This is something AO has struggled with for a long time; how to include the younger people in the community and keep them in line at the same time. In my opinion there needs to be a hard line drawn on this issue and it needs to stay there. If you can't be mature on a forum how can you be depended upon to be mature on the field? Maybe it's not such an issue at casual events, but a milsim event is (should be) different.

Event Organization - I've said this before, but I'll reiterate. Organizers tend to plan too much. If we know every objective we need to acquire then it's just a connect-the-dots game. A C.O. should be deciding what objectives to go for. The backstory of the event should be all each C.O. needs to set up a plan and go for objectives. In other words, a large part of the event should be directed by the C.O.'s at game time, not the organizers; dynamic play. The organizers should set the parameters and throw in some curves here and there, but setting hard objectives and forcing combat by design is unrealistic. It's the CoC that should be setting objectives and going after them.

Roleplayers/Shadow Force - Roleplayers will always be a vital part of milsim. I think the shadow force/loyalty switching theme has been taken to extremes. Switching loyalties back, forth and back again is a bit unrealistic. I also felt at some events that the shadow force catered to players and teams they were friends with. A shadow force should remain completely neutral unless they pick a side. Then they should be loyal to that side unless they get stiffed (i.e. have an excuse to switch to the other side). We can come up with much better ways to implement rogue elements at ops.

Gameplay/Down-time - Every player in a milsim game has a job to do. If you don't see a firefight all day you're still a part of the grand scheme. Getting upset because you didn't get into a big firefight is pretty damn petty in my opinion. I go to a milsim event to experience milsim. It's nice to mingle with other players, but that's not what I'm there for. I'm there to challenge myself and be a part of something bigger than just me. I don't care if I fire a shot all day as long as I accomplished something. Breaks are a moot point to me. One of the problems with milsim right now is the lax attitude and discipline of players and teams. Organizers shouldn't be designing events to cater to whiners who want to be in a firefight.

Leadership and Discipline - The major problem we have with milsim events is lack of discipline. Good team discipline requires good team leadership. It starts with milsim teams doing their part to be organized and ready. I originally had an idea for milsim certification to enforce a milsim standard (optionally, of course), but if you think about it milsim certification is already happening to some extent naturally.

Springfield - Springfield is one of the best fields in Ohio, no doubt. I must admit I'm a bit burned out on it though. One too many events centered around defending the AA's left me wanting a long vacation from the place. Don't get me wrong, the field is awesome. It just hasn't reached its full potential yet. Organizers need to put their heads together and come up with new and unique ways to use the field. I'd rather attend a milsim event at Springfield than a casual event, considering the drive.

Stuck In A Rut - The best events every year push the envelope with new ideas and new stories. Even the biggest events can become stagnant. Organizers should try to get away from the cookie cutter formula and expand the milsim experience. Don't be afraid to try new things.

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The Milsim certificate is a great idea. I dont know who would impliment it though, its just like the class based FPS rules and the sniper certification program. Explain how you would like to impliment this system and who would do it.

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