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General Guidelines

Ok, I am going to set just a few basic guidelines, nothing big, but just some things to keep the amount of repetitive and useless posts down.

Ok, first guideline, please if you are new to these forums, read over the General Rules and Guidelines posted at the top of the main page by Loki.

Second guideline, please do your own research before you post, and do not post such broad questions. Here is an example of an acceptable and unacceptable post.

Acceptable: After doing some research, I found that I would like to get into the sniper/DM/sharpshooter/etc. role in airsoft. I am torn between x gun and y gun, and have seen good and bad reviews for both. I was just wondering if anyone here has had any personal experience with either of these guns, and if so, what, in your opinion, where some of it's good and bad qualities.

Unacceptable: I want to get into the sniper/DM/sharpshooter/etc. role in airsoft, what gun should I get? Any suggestions?

Ok, as you can tell, with the first post, the poster will have shown he/she has done their own research, has considered the pro's and con's for the gun's and has narrowed the search down to two. They are simply asking for some more reviews on those guns from people who have handled them. A lot of us have been in this situation, torn between two guns, and not able to decide, so what do we do, get a 3rd person perspective on it, and maybe those people can point out something that was possibly over looked and that may be the deciding factor on which gun is picked.

The second or unacceptable question shows that the poster has done little to no research, and expects the people on this forum to hand them info, and do the researching for them. They do not give any information on what they are expecting out of the rifle, their price range, or anything that could allow us to possibly point them in an appropriate direction.

Third guideline, please show some intelligence when you post, and as stated in the General Rules and Guidelines for the site, at least attempt to spell words correctly and use proper grammar. Please learn to use the spell check, it is not that hard to click a button.

Just take into consideration these guidelines before you post, and we can keep this section clean and informative. By keeping these repetitive and annoying posts out, it will make finding information easier, and you will not have to sift through loads of crap to get a little bit of help or information. Thank you.

"Every gun that is made, every warship that is launched, every rocket that is fired, signifies, in the final sense A THEFT from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."

-Dwight D. Eisenhower-

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I would consider a Echo1 A.E.G M16 DmR it is 180$ or a UTG Mk96 Shadow ops or a M324 by utg also called a accushot
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