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Post AAR OOBI Python

Since no one else started one I figured I would do so. Post up your after action reports of the day!

Big thanks to TNT, Jonah, FW, and everyone who made this event happen!

It was nice to not have to be at the field super early. I absolutely loved having some day play and some evening play. I would push everything back an hour though. Game on at 12 instead of 1, break at 3:30 instead of 4:30, etc. However that leads me to the next topic I would to touch real quick, lunch. We are airsofters not soldiers so it is nice to have a real lunch break. If you do a lunch break like this again, I really like the two hours. Most lunches I always feel rushed at. However I did not feel rushed at this one which was nice. So plus a million points for the schedule (As far as a schedule with a lunch break goes.)

Onto sportsmanship, there was a lot of hit calling raging. More than once I watch people shoot, once, twice, or a lot with their support weapon, and get extremely upset. Started yelling, walked off the field, all sorts of stuff because someone didn't call their hits. Now, I never saw anyone not call their hits this weekend. I did see a lot of bbs falling just short of people or not cutting through the crush. That said, your bbs don't always make it. Do not get upset and angry if someone doesn't call their hit when you think you hit them. Just have fun and keep on shooting until you do hit them because that is the case more often than not.

Onto the game play. I must say, this event basically killed the snake series for me. Diamondback was hands down the most immersive milsim I have EVER been too. Stands a very good chance to remain at the top as well. Cottonmouth was pretty good but nothing like Diamondback. Python, this was awful. I do not put blame on Jonah for this. I'm sure had people pre registered and we had more than enough people it would have been much better. For me there was no story, and it just didn't even feel like a milsim really. I believe this falls heavily on players not pre registering. Now, before we get butt hurt, no, I did not pre reg. Because I had not planned on coming because I am transitioning jobs. Pay at the gate for sure allowed me to come but at the cost of the immersion these events held in the past. I didn't see anything ever happen with the playing cards for the Russians, I only ever saw one person get captured and that was the Russian CO at the end of the day. There wasn't anything for me to call simulation really at this event which saddens me.

Medic rules, I never saw any of the medic rules actually happen beyond getting bandaged up... I can't speak for it but I also want to say that I feel one platoon medic per side wasn't enough, or it was that we just lacked enough players and had one per team. Either way, I didn't see this action ever happen and I can't help but think it is because it just fell through and it was easier to go respawn.

Field time. I personally do not like FW. Everything is built up right at the front of the field. It's super cool, don't get me wrong. But unless there are numbers of players and objectives to move players away from buildings it gets real old real quick. I was at crux one and liked the field a lot more then, where you are out playing else where. That's me personally, I just got used to this series being more of a modern Russian Vietnam at DP.

All in all, I had fun, I enjoyed the time and got to see people I do not get to very often. I am glad I went but it was not a snake series. -Russian XO.

P.S. Thanks Rygar for pulling me out once, and pushing me out a second time. Same to everyone else who helped get me unstuck!
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I will say Christian I do agree 100% on it not living up to the others in the series and for that I do take responsibility as ultimately it is me who has to adjust fire and make it work.

That being said, this is 100% why pre-registration is critical for event organization. With the previous in the series we had a good number of committed players who I was able to build objectives around and plan for. When I showed up I didn't know if wee would get 40 or 100 and shot for what I felt was the best balance possible.

We will always strive to put on a quality product and sometimes we all miss the mark. That being said it was great to see so lmany new players engaging in the sport and we will continue to do our thing to grow airsoft. As Aaron said on a fb thread, the snake is dead.....globex is making a comeback

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I'm no good at AARs, so bear with me.

I started out the day as a citizen of Aleppo sick and tired of the war, but staying in my home city in hopes of eventual peace. As the event began, I was rounded up my American soldiers and forced to walk to the back of the field where they yelled at us, pointed guns, and then said they were training us to fight for them. After we told them we had no weapons, they simply let us go. From there we went to talk to the other Rangers at the Upper Village. When we got there, the Americans and the Syrian soldiers were standing around talking to each other, apparently due to ROE. We told them we suspected some other civilians were foreign Mujahideen and carrying a bomb. We went on to the Lower Village, where we encountered the main Syrian force waiting on the Rangers to attack. After BSing with Jonah and the Russian/Syrian command for a bit, we picked up our suitcases and decided that Aleppo was now beyond hope and it was time to leave for Europe. We went back up to Ammo Dump, then from there took the long way to Upper Village to barter with American troops and head out of the city. However, when we got there, the Americans pointed guns at us and yelled at us to put our suitcases down. After I took out my phone to take a video of our treatment, I was yelled at to put it down and then shot before I had the chance. I fell to the ground at which point they took my backpack off of me and proceeded to pull out my personal belongings and throw them in the mud without my permission. Thankfully they didn't search the pocket that had my real world medication and ID in it. After being taken to a jail and detained, where I was questioned about the nature of my cereal treats (seriously) in my pack, we were released, and promptly went to tell the Syrian Army of the war crimes committed by the Americans. After that, the morning kind of fell off and we mostly sat in the lower village waiting for the Americans to take us up to their FOB for free points. That never happened. Rest of the morning was uneventful besides being shot again by Americans while standing by the Chow Hall.

After Dinner, I went out as a LICE News reporter. Took pictures until my camera died, then I sat and talked to Jonah, Christian, and Rygar for awhile. At one point I went up and interviewed the green CO after his capture by the American forces. Shamelesss plug, but check out LICE News on FB to keep up to date with my press and RPing shenanigans.

As for issues, pretty much everything OP said. I think the snake series was great, but it's time to retire it for a new storyline. Luckily this is what Jonah is best at. I also think that bringing these more serious events back to DP would be a much better experience, as the community there is typically more serious about MilSim (no offence to the FW folks) and the layout is better. Of course, the Cottonmouth style of 30 minutes to an hour DA missions also kept things far more interesting in my opinion, and I would like to see that brought back.

I always have fun Roleplaying at events, but I could tell at this one that many of the players were not having fun. I again don't think this is Jonah's fault. I chalk it up to a field layout that could use more expansion and a community that needs to get more serious about these game styles. If everyone who showed up had pre-regged, the event would have been 10 times better.

P.S. I still like the idea of Aaron Scorpio.

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