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Originally Posted by Jeimuzu View Post
Heck you could just staple it to a wodden dowel and then when your hit just stick it in your goggle strap, it stands up and its easy to see. Also makes it easy to just stick it in your goggle strap than fidling with it on your helmet or what not.
Sorry, I'm not carrying a wooden dowel around with me all day. The size of your red rag is up to you, if its small be ready to take a couple extra shots here and there.
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Pink is close enough.

I have a hard enough time seeing red on people's heads (I might be a bit color-blind), so I tend to look specifically for a rag on a player's head. It becomes even more confusing for me when the rag is not on the player's head, but is hanging from a nearby rifle, draped over the shoulder, or as mentioned above, tucked into the back or side of the goggle strap away from my view. It usually only takes a few more seconds to find the rag after noticing the enemy is not aggressive, but that's just a few seconds longer than I'd prefer.

I agree completely with India's assessment that the red rag is our own duty, out of respect to the other team, to show that we are out of action. To me, failing to identify yourself as 'dead' is disrespectful. If it is on purpose, it becomes dishonest.

And to chime in on the solution, I use red rags with centered Velcro that I slap on my helmet, or the 'tactical' ball cap. The industrial adhesive-backed stuff works well enough without any sewing, though my first attempt was the sew-on type... that was a pain. Velcro solves the 'I lost it' issue that most people have when it falls off their head moving back to respawn. Even if it does manage to get pulled off by mother nature (bushes, branches, etc), the ripping sound lets you know.
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Pink is close enough. But I'll make fun of you endlessly Husker

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I know I'm personally going to end up getting the baseball cap with the velcro on the top. It just seems easier that way. Also, for the guys earlier that were trying to figure out whether or not you needed a hem, it depends on the material. Felt is the easiest and cheapest. You can get a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet for $0.33 at johanns.

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I either hold mine up above my head or cover the barrel of the gun and hold it above my head in the French's favorite position. Both hands, sideways and upside-down above my head with the rag waving.
Originally posted by Evil Head
What do you mean this thread is off topic? I said abortion was wrong and I stand by it.

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Honestly, I think if your red rag is not visible from the direction you are being shot from then that is your problem, not the shooters, so if you want to hang the red rag from the side of your helmet do NOT get angry when someone unloads a couple magazines from the side where they cannot see the red rag.

It should be the target's responsibility to make sure his red rag is visible. Of course, even then, with my red rag plainly visible I've been lit up like a Christmas tree, on multiple occasions. If you can't take the plastic get outa the game.

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Right, well again, I didn't start this discussion out of concern for people getting shot while wounded (that's certainly AN issue, but not THE issue), but rather that we have a duty to each other to communicate our wounded status that best way possible.

I'm as guilty as anyone, with my small shop rags and tuck jobs. I just happened to see the error of my ways, so I just bought a dozen solid red hankerchiefs that fit completely over my head, with room to spare.
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