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You can sell guns here!!

Hello, my small audience of AO faithfuls.

With recent events and change of policy for Facebook, airsoft guns and the like are no longer to be permitted to be sold through Facebook. Boo hoo.


It should he recognized that we still have a perfectly good forum here that we, as a community, run and set the rules for. One of those rules, unsurprisingly, is that you ARE permitted to sell airsoft guns, and even real guns, here in the classifieds. I say this because as an admin of the Facebook AO Classifieds group, I see a lot of people trying to buy/sell guns and that cannot be permitted there. If you want to sell your airsoft guns, I highly suggest posting on the classifieds here, and if you know anyone looking to buy/sell guns, you point them in this direction.

This is our forum. We are free to promote, discuss, and sell airsoft related items here. It sucks that there's a smaller audience here than on Facebook, but maybe that'll change if we encourage actions such as the sale of airsoft guns to return here. The Facebook police can't touch you here. We still run this forum.

The tools are there; use them.
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hopefully the classifieds pick up again like the good ole days
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Ive actually notice a slight... very slight uptick in posts in the classifieds.
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I grabbed some good deals this year thus far hope to see it pick up more
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I still follow these classifieds anyways, so this will be nice.
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Thus marketh the only time anyone hath used the search feature on AO
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Glad to hear it. Screw facebook anyways.
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Hope the new Facebook anti gun BS brings some more traffic to this sight...i miss the old days on here
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New website who dis
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You can Panda, no way!
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I'm cashing out on some cool old stuff I collected when I had a shop. I'm glad you guys are still around.
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ao doesn't suck, classifieds, cy6 tummy sticks, facebook sucks, panda likes balls, revive ao

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