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Black or Camo?

ok Ive seen a lot of people ask this question and I normally just stand around clulessly wodnering.. Now that I need it answered, Im asking the pro's. When you buy gear.. It is nromally offered in Balck, or Camo.. Sometimes only black. Anyways, I have found the Vest i want and it comes in three styles, SWAT Black, Knock Off Ranger Camo, and some sort of all terrain camo that includes grey, and red. (lol?) Anyways Im sure I dont want the all terrian camo, but what is better in the long run, IYO. Camo or Black?
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camo. olive drab if possible, but black sticks out like a sore thumb. check my avatar- though I love the omega vest, I should have gone with olive if not woodland. olive "goes" better with everything since it's a naturally occurring color, at least in foliage. Black is not. Black is used in camo only to provide a sense of contrast and "3-d"
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Cobalt is correct, black never occurs in nature, maybe dark tones very close to black, but never strait black. When a camo pattern has black in it, it is ment to trick your eye into thinking you are looking at a shadow from a 3-d object, thus small spotches or stripes of black in camo can have some kind of usefull effect. However, the amount of black present from a full out vest or LBE is just too much, and acctually draws attention to itself over all other colors.

Black is only worn by SWAT type guys for two real reasons:

1) in a CQB environment where it is dark and you are amongst man-made objects indoors, any bark tone is effective at masking your movement, camo is really useless as a camofluaging item in CQB.

2) lets face it, one of the number one tactics of CQB is intimidation, and seeing a bulky, loaded up guy, totally dressed in black from head to toe, can give just that little bit of intimidation to get the bad guy to either surrender or at least think twice for a moment before he shoots.
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I agree with D_man about the black gear and BDUs. My team wears all black for CQB just for those reasons, plus it looks bad*ss
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Everyone here is right about black(the 3-d effect, doesn't occur in nature). Also Black is never used in a ghille suit since they are already 3-d.
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