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What is the right "medium" for basic requirements?

There was a debate that came up with a group of people that play airsoft.

We had guys present who play sparingly, play on a medium serious level, and on a serious Milsim level. Our topic of discussion was the "medium" or the basics needed for:

1. Open play
2. Milsim "Open"
3. Milsim

What are the basics for each level? Where do you draw the line? What do you help them with if there is an issue?

I pretty much lost my voice during the conversation, and I'm still sobering up from New Years, so I want to hear you first. Keep it professional guys, this is something I also consider for hosting and it's something we can use proactively to aid the upbringing of new players.
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1. Open play should be safety rules only
2. Milsim "open" should be safety rules, plus agreed upon "realistic style" rules (EG, no highcaps, whatever)
3. Milsim should be an established command structure, complex objectives, along with both other tiers of rules.

Easy peasy.
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I personally agree with Loki but
I think Open plays should be set up as a half and half
half of the normal run and gun stuff
half some basic operator stuff (basic room/building clearing , basics of working as a squad)
Im not saying run a training camp but a hour or two basic stuff to help the new guys get better and the cranky old men pass on the skills they've learned over the years
just my two cents on the subject
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1. Open plays are open plays; Safety standard as high as possible. easy rules and gear requirements.

2. Milsim open shall be same safety rules but with introduction to ROE and SOE.

3. Hard Milsim or Comsim for me shall be has restrictive as possible without not killing the playability of the game. For example, limit reloads, supplies, respawn locations or numbers, etc.
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Thanks for the input. The problem we ran into was trying to explain this to a couple guys trying to explain that if we don't care to the needs of a new airsofter at our game, the community will diminish. We stated that having the proper safety equipment plus your field legal gun was all you needed for an open play. If things such as battery or eye pro was amiss, then you could be helped by others.

After the first (or second event) they attend, the bar raises for them to make sure they have all the basics covered for an open play.

After getting across this point, we started into "what if they show up to a milsim and know nothing?" Well then they go home because they did not read the warnord or player pack. They thought this as us treating the player as an inferior and that we should still help them. Well what if they need camo, a better gun, midcaps, a radio, and a map? This adds up.

Long story short (as this went on for a couple hours), I wanted to get a couple base ideas/requirements from your comments to share with them.

I believe that if they are far from ready for this gamestyle, they should be turned away and told to get the necessary equipment. If they don't want to, have a nice day, see you at the open play.

Is this just a couple guys wanting the moral of "instant gratification" and handouts from others?

I felt that it was a lost cause for these guys to understand the problems behind their claims but I still stick by the fact that if you're far from ready for comsim/milsim, then sorry but I can't let you in if you didn't acquiesce to our requirements.

Maybe I'm rambling, but it seems that these are the players that are coming in now, how do we get them to understand that the EO can't just magically create BDU's and loaner weapons with their pixie dust for them to use?
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It's like I have money one day, and the next day it's hey look at this new airsoft thingy take my money.

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In my crappy opinion, most guys wanting to get into airsoft or just starting to get into airsoft are very young, still in school, and being supported by their parents. Some parents may or may not help pay for some equipment, I know when I was a kid and interested in the subject, my parents couldn't afford to get me any gear, so in our little backyard skirmishes we mostly all bought our own cheapo spring guns that we saved up for. AEGs were out of reach and so was any real nice equipment. Fast forward to these guys being out of school (17-18-19) being so young they most likely have a starter job making minimum wage or slightly higher. They have to pay for gas and maybe food and car insurance so in that small little budget they don't have much room for hobbys and expensive gear that adds up. This is why open play should be as basic as possible, it will most likely contain alot of new/young players who cannot afford nice equipment to run with the milsim dogs. Sometimes these players need a spare battery cause the crappy one that came with their $100 AEG finally failed. I think that more serious players demand as realistic an experience as possible, the more realistic you get, the more money you have to spend. Helmets, knee pads, molle plate carriers and all the pouches that go on them, low cap or standard cap $20-30 dollar magazines, MOSFETs and lipos and tightbores, camelbacks and sidearms, and grenades and M203s. Serious milsim is reserved for those that have an intense love for the sport and can afford the highest "quality" experience. Young new guys usually don't want to be that "handicapped" anyways, they just want to play war and shoot their buddies and be shot, not follow military operations to exacting replication
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