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Talking G&G M14 Upgraded after 3 months sitting in pieces!!

Well this is what I currently have on My G&G M14. The following are the current upgrades.

1. Prometheus triple torque gears.
2. Prometheus Piston head with ball barings.
3. Systema spring M150.
4. Systema spring guide.
5. G&G 7mm ball baring bushings.
6. G&G reinforced Cylinder.
7. Prometheus Shims.
8. Hero Arms Scope Mount.
9. Bushnell 3X9X32mm scope
10. Leupold Cross lock 1" mounts.
11. Bushwacker flip-open Scope caps with sun glare shade.

Upgrades to come:

1. King Arms M14 Bipod Adaptor.
2. Hero Arms M14 Steel Outer Barrel.
3. Hero Arms Flash Hider for G&G M14.
4. King Arms (Spring EJECT) Bipod.
5. Prometheus 6.03 EG Barrel for M14.
6. A motor (if I can find one).
7. A battery that will fit maybe a higher voltage or longer life time I have a 9.6 Volt now.

Well guys tell me what you think of this Beast of steal?

G&G M14 Pictures.
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Thats a very nice rifle, but we have a gallery for things like this. You can post your pics there by uploading them from your computer.

I'm going to lock this, before people can flame you. I'll leave it up for a day so you can copy and paste your description on to your computer and not have to retype it.

Thread locked.
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