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Upgrading my CYMA aks74u

I recently decided to quit being a lazy arse and get back into airsoft. I purchased a CYMA AKs74u CM045 (VFC clone, mostly steel) as I am on a budget and have had bad experiences with JG/echo1. I have fired about 1000 bbs through the gun for minor testing and have realized the accuracy past about 25yds is poor. So I have decided I would like to do a few simple upgrades and just would like some input as to what barrel and hop up parts may be ideal for me.

Inner barrel-
The website I purchased the gun from states that it is a 292mm inner barrel, however the closest sizes in barrels I can find are 285mm and 300mm. My question is should I go a tad longer than stock ( would still be protected by flash hider) or tad shorter? I do not know how the inner barrel is secured in place so I don't know if either of these sizes will work properly.

My main goal for this gun is as much range and accuracy I can get from the short barrel length. Gun will be used for cqb as well as field/ wooded use.
Should I go with a 6.03 diameter? Or 6.01 or larger than 6.03?

I believe that my stock CYMA hop components are junk, so I would at minimum like a new bucking and nub but may also get a new chamber unit. My concerns are; for a goal of accuracy and range, what bucking and nub type should I use? I will be using a mix of full auto and and semi, probably mostly semi to conserve ammo.

A few other random questions.

Do airsoft fields (non tournament) usually limit magazine capacity? Right now I have 3 low quality high cap mags (2 cymas and an echo1) and I don't like the rattling of bbs and the feel of these mags. They are all plastic and they all feel like they could easily be broken. I also don't like that they won't feed the last 20 or so bbs.

I was big into paintball but it is much too expensive and not realistic enough for my taste. My goal is to play 2 or more times per month and get the most out of my cheap AEG performance wise. I wanted an AK and researched that CYMA is the best AK under $250.

Any tips or input is greatly appreciated
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Your range won't be affected much if any by your barrel length or bore; I would try a high quality 6.03 or 6.05mm barrel coupled with a new hop-up bucking and nub. This should do wonders for your accuracy when broken in and tuned.

My Cyma AK has a great hop-up unit, and I've never upgraded it, but quality can suffer from year to year or batch to batch; If you still can't get what you're after, a prowin hop unit would be a nice upgrade, and it isn't very expensive. You may have to do a bit of trimming/filing to get it to fit perfectly, however.
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