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step one get insurance company to back your plan.......most places want 1-5 million in liabity. be prepared to shell out a nice sum to rent it for weekend. Now the next step find a location you think might work, find out who owns it, talk to them, < plan to be rejected 80% of the time without ever putting boots on ground.> Do full safety scouting so with an eye towards safelty and playablity. if thats a go......make deal with owner. Then its crazy
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I won't lie to you, I'm going to be frank and honest in my reply and you may not like what I say, but please understand, someone needs to say this to you.

(1) Trespassing on private property to play airsoft is stupid.

You are risking your personal safety, the safety of your friends, and whomever owns the property to enjoy a hobby. You're risking jail time, injury, death of everyone participating.

As the organizer/host of a game, it is your responsibility to make sure your players are safe from harm.

If you don't understand or respect this - you're stupid.

(2) Having point one explained to you and still insisting on organizing/hosting a game at that location is stupid.

You've already been made aware of the dangers and risks of holding a game there, which means you are knowingly putting your players in harm's way just so you can enjoy your hobby.

That makes you a selfish prick. You're also stupid.

(3) Assuming that what you are doing is ok because (a) nobody has ever complained before, (b) you've never been caught, and/or (c) everything has been fine up to this point is stupid.

The fact remains you're trespassing on private property. One phone call about mysterious armed men can result in an armed response from police. Heightened tensions with the recent shootings and several years of historical armed response to airsofters is reason enough for you to not continue what you're doing.

If you don't understand why this is a bad idea or cannot respect the gravity of the stupidity you're showing, you're stupid and putting your chosen hobby at risk.

(4) Lastly, lets review. You're stupid for doing this. GTFO.

Again, I apologize for being frank with you. But it doesn't appear you comprehend just how bad of a decision this is.

Please print out point four and staple to your forehead.


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Post removed because I was too snarky for my own liking; Texx said it all. Btw here's a HoI post fitting the occasion:
Originally Posted by A friend of mine
Or I could just pull some magic out of my a** and come up with her phone number, email, and home address.
Ask me about fuel droplet combustion in microgravity, I dare you.
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The old Edwin Shaw hospital.
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In summit county?
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I do know of an abandoned hotel off of Needmore Road. Out towards Dayton. It is just outside of a not so nice area. It is not visible from the main road but it is visible from the west side which is a highway.
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I think the old E Street factories (what's left of them anyhow) in Springfield would be something worth looking into.
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