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AAR: Hell's Basin Open Play

Thank you to those that came out for a fun open play. It was nice playing with some new and old faces.

Please post any CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions for future opens as well as any positive experiences. Thanks again everyone.
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great field cool scenarios way more honestly and legit playing than some more recent games (vc) myself and my team (CERBERUS) will certainly be back anytime you will have us
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Had a great time with everybody sorry I had to leave early but gotta make the money I guess..... Green showed tan whattsup so I was pretty happy about that... And thanks to all of u on team SWORD

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Well I like to thank everyone for coming out and having a great time hope to see all of you again.. Sportsmanship was great and that always makes the game better.. One little problem happened at the end of the day with some words said.It was taken care of quickly but remember this guys keep your cool get a game rep.. and we will take care of it..
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I would like to thank everyone for coming out. Lots of new faces and names, many old ones. Even though green kept the pressure on tan I had fun. Sportsmanship was good from what I could see and nobody was left sitting around guarding something. I don't think boredom was an issue. Plenty of good firefights and engagements.

Weather was magnificent. Good to see you out Beard and Cerberus, definately looks like you have a good team, Jarheads Inc, always good to have you out. SPEAR, good running with you, Kawaii and all the rest. Thank you.

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I had fun for my first time out to Hell's Basin. Warhawk it was good chatting with you. Warcat always a pleasure to not be down your sights for once. And to my guys that ran with me today, good work. I'll definitely be back soon.
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First off I would like to thank everyone that came out it was a great day of airsoft. Sportsmanship was very good throughout the day and Tan being out numbered still put up a great fight all day long.

Funniest experience of the day had to be Thunder B'ing (yeah its a word :P) a building thought to only hold 1 person (Muchmore) and finding another 3-4 people inside. Long story short I didn't make it inside said building.

Beard and Cerberus it was great playing along with you guys and hope to see you all again soon and the same goes to Kawaii and Mordecai

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Jackson, when I saw that Thunder B I got out as quickly as posible. Sorry for shooting at you after that... I had an awsome day! My favorite part of the game was when Mcmillion and I were going up through the weeds and get lit up! I cant wait to get out there again. WARHAWK, I didnt leave anything this time :P. I had a blast running with SPEAR and Tick. It was good playing again, I needed it. Did you know, Hells basin has huge *** spiders?!
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spiders aren't big your just short.........bwahahahhaa sorry i missed it

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I had an amazing time out there! Most fun I've had in a very long time! I'll definitely be out there again. Kawaii, Mordrcai, and I (Bravo) will definitely be back and hopefully with alot more of our team members.

Best memories were
1) Putting my gun down and taking of all my gear and then low crawling across the barn floor so I could revive Jackson083191 while taking heavy fire from the enemy positions.
2) Me, Beard, and a few other guys holding down the base while we protected the piolit from the tans. Some tan kid sneaks around and runs in while we're reloading and Bang Bangs all of us. He then looks at Beard, who's sitting right next to the piolit and asks "Should I take it?" to which Beard replys "No." and then the kid runs off thus letting us win.
3) Last but not least was Warcat pretending to respawn right next to me and scaring the living hell out of me and making me scream like a little girl. Someone got it on camera too! Such a great day!
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I had a great day of airsoft, good sportsmanship, great players, and awesome weather. It was great running with everyone on tan (SPEAR, tick, lenahan, others), Green you guys gave us a great fight, It was fun shooting at you guys lol. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a great day of airsoft.
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Big Thanks to those who made it out the weather was fantastic and so were the players . Lots of new faces Beard and you're guys it good to meet you come back anytime .
Minion Colossus SOL Tickman Good to see you. Kawaii and Mordecai you guys did great.
Jarheads what can I say glad you made it.
To my S.W.O.R.D brothers you all ways have my thanks and to your level of commitment.
some of the video is up and some of the pics are also up

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Gotta say great weather and a great group of guys. Thanks again to all that showed up. I saw a large variety of new and old faces. I hope to see you all again soon. Even though we (tan) were outnumbered we didn't make it easy for the green forces. Thanks again for the great sportsmanship.
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I HATE MISSING GOOD GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I've been busy playing with real machine guns. I should be able to make it out next game. No promises but most likely should be good.
Stryker, out

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