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Game Scenario Grab Bag

Hey guys,

Been a while since I've posted here or even played in general. Been working in Detroit for this past fall but will be making my way back this January.

Over the years I've been keeping an idea doc of various game scenario ideas but haven't actually hosted a game myself since...probably 2010. Therefore, I figured I'd post them here.

These aren't large scale game scenarios - mostly fun game play types to play during simple weekend skirmishes. Do with them what you will! You'll most likely notice these are highly inspired by various video games, and are meant to be played in short 15 to 20 minute rounds between smaller groups of players. Considering most games I've gone to in southwest Ohio usually number well over a 100, it might be cool to divvy up the fields between these game types and split the pool of players up between each one and rotate throughout the day. Just a thought!

*Note - these scenarios are designed to be quick paced games (15 to 30 min max) between smaller teams (15 to 20 players per team) with the intent to play multiple rounds.

Kill Confirmed

Even if you're not a fan of COD this can be a fun game mode. Essentially when you are hit you have to sit still in the spot you were killed (or preferably as close as possible assuming it may not be safe to just sit still such as in a door frame).

The team that killed you will have to tag you to eliminate you from the round, while you're team will attempt to save you.

There are no medics, but if your team tags you for at least 1 min you can respawn. The first team completely eliminated loses.

The intent here is to try and encourage teams and players to actually over run the enemy position - failing to do so will allow them to respawn their players.

The purpose of having your friendly team have to tag you for 1 min while the enemy team can kill you instantly with a tag is to ensure the friendly team doesn't just quick tag their buddy next to them so they can sprint back and respawn - it gives everybody a chance to actually advance and keep up the pressure.

Search and Destroy

Each team has two stations they must protect. In the center of the field between them is a "bomb." Each team must attempt to acquire the bomb and take it to the opposing team's station.

The bomb carrier can only use a pistol - if he/she is killed they must place the bomb on the spot of their death and leave it there.

A game ref must stay nearby the bomb location so they can point it out to each team in order to keep the game moving (if this were a video game, you'd have a marker on your hud).

Players must walk back to their respective respawns (preferably set a good distance away from their station) and wait a designated amount of time to respawn (dictated by size of field, number of players, length of round, etc.)


One team attacks, one team defends.

The defending team has two points they must protect, while the attacking team has a set time (15 to 20 minutes) to destroy each of them. An attacking player must place his hands on the point for one minute to destroy it and cannot use their weapon during this time. If they use their weapon or take their hands (both of them) off of the point they must restart the timer. A ref will be nearby to clock the time.

Once both stations have been destroyed, the defending team will have three minutes to set up a defense before the attacking team can advance and their attacking clock will be reset.

Depending on the amount of players and size of field, there should be between 3 to 5 different stages (each comprised of two points).

Push and Pull (Conquest)

3 to 5 points are laid out in a linear path between two spawn points and must be captured by each team. The team cannot capture a point unless they have captured the point before it (e.g. you cannot capture the point in front of the enemy's spawn if they have the center point already captured). To capture a point, you must secure the the immediate area around a flag (10 meters) for 30 seconds.

Whichever team has has captured all of the capturable points or has the most points at the end of the round wins.

Lemme know what you think! If you have played these or similar scenarios before how did they go? What other quick-style game ideas do you have?
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I've used the Push and Pull Scenario. Not in airsoft, mind you but on Sexy Night with the Girlfriend. You're absolutely right, it is difficult to capture points in front of the spawn. So we usually wait until he goes to sleep or at the very least, lock the door.
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Originally Posted by Texx View Post
I've used the Push and Pull Scenario. Not in airsoft, mind you but on Sexy Night with the Girlfriend. You're absolutely right, it is difficult to capture points in front of the spawn. So we usually wait until he goes to sleep or at the very least, lock the door.
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Last edited by Regan; 12-09-2014 at 05:59 PM. Reason: Edit: maybe I'm the one returning... I usually lurk but never see your replies.
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