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Gearbox locking up

I have a v3 gearbox that keeps locking up. At first i thought the piston was at fault, but i've now concluded that it is the tappet plate. It won't be pulled by the sector. it just stays in place and then I get a really loud grinding sound. All of my parts are basic echo 1 gearbox parts, none are broken. Lubed and shimmed correctly. Wtf is wrong?
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if you know for sure that it is your tappet, then simple experimentation and elimination should bring you to the solution. It sounds like you have had your GB apart already, and if you have, then things are much easier. I would try different things to see what is binding up your tappet. Try taking out the gears, and working it manually. put the shells together and push on the nozzle to see if it binds, that sort of thing. Little steps, adding parts as you go until it locks up again. When it does, logically it's related to the last part you added. then it's a matter if zeroing in on what the exact cause is, then fixing it. One thing that comes to mind is perhaps you have gotten the tappet outside of it's travel grooves and when you put the shells together and tightened them down, it bound up the tappet plate inside. They run in little travel grooves similar to how the piston does.

Good luck! these kinds of mysteries are both exciting and frustrating at the same time.
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Oh, this little mishap taught me every part of a gearbox. It's been apart quite a few times. anyways, it only locks up when the gears are in. The upper portion of the box doesnt seem to do anything to it. When it it is out, gears spin like a dream. I tried to find out what was wrong, but still no idea.
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Sometimes you'll get a lemon gearbox that'll bind up no matter what you do. Check the shell for warping.
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It could be any number of things. As Rygar said, you will simply have to experiment with it. Typically when the tappet binds the gears still force their way past the tappet arm. Sometimes this results in a broken tappet, sometimes it results in lockups. The tappet can bind from interference with the cylinder head, and with V3's the trigger assembly if it has broken loose.

Long and short of it is, you are going to have to check it by removing parts and testing the remaining with each other, reducing possibilities as you go.

Be sure that the gearbox isn't over shimmed either. Some people miss the step where you must test your shimming by screwing down the gearbox with only the gears and their respective shims to make sure that the pinned together gearbox still allows the gears to rotate freely. In my experience, people typically overshim the bevel and this is where they actually experience issues.
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gearbox, grinding, lock up, tappet plate, version 3

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