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bb IDPA, not a scenario, but an event none the less

A long while ago, I thought I had posted a thread here regarding making your own IPSC course. It was very primitive....and.. now I can't seem to find that that thread, or I would have posted this there as an update.

First a history:

Since that original post, I have shifted my interest to IDPA, which is similar, but different to IPSC. IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) is much more of a practical shooting competition than its cousin IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation), with courses leaning more towards actual real world scenarios. Now although in Asia and Europe, bb IPSC is already very active, and at least in one place in the US (Iowa), I have yet to see any mention of bb IDPA. So I am taking it upon myself to start it up on my own, at least for the benefit of my team and other Chicagoland teams. I am posting this here, mainly because I know that Dumborat has expressed an interest in such things, and I thought others in Ohio may want to take my lead, and set up similar events in your area.

For now, My team's course is only in a 2.5 car garage (which for IDPA is fine, as long as you don't have a lot of spectators. I hope that, in the future, if I can drum up enough interest in this, that a larger local indoor space may become available.

The whole thing re-kindled last month, after my team mate and I decided to build a better bb trap. We did a little "engineering" before hand, then headed to Home Depot. The design prototypes have been finished, but I don't want to publish the design and BOM until we have had our first bb IDPA shoot and can safely attest to their effectiveness.

But, the short description is: For $22 you can get the materials necessary to make 5 traps, and for 8 dollars per 5 targets, you can get the materials necessary to replace the trap material when it wears out. The trap design has been tested by and can trap a shot by a 550 fps sniper rifle at 20 feet. It is large enough to take a half scale (12"X20") Silhouette target.

Now that we have the trap design, it came about to designing the first course. I consulted with a member of my Moderating team at, who is an avid real steel IDPA competitor, as well as consulting the course design guidelines found in the Official IDPA rulebook. I designed the following course to fit within the confines of a team mate's garage.


Next we had to pick a suitable target. Although you can get free printable IDPA practice targets online, I wanted to use real targets. Unfortunately the real IDPA targets are HUGE, and would not fit on our traps. So I found my way to where they have MANY different styles and sizes of official competition targets. In the end I chose target B24 (RC). It was still a silhouette but was small enough to fit our traps.

Scoring in IDPA is based on time AND shot accuracy. The faster you move through the course, the better, but if you are moving fast and cant hit anything, your score suffers dramatically. From the start buzzer, you move through the course as specified in the course rules, firing at targets as specified. You start the course with your pistol holstered, and the timer stops at the end when your pistol is re-holstered. Once your have a recorded time, the targets are surveyed. Each target has a maximum possible score. For every point UNDER that maximum, you get a 1 second penalty. So if you completed the course in 15 seconds and the course maximum target score was 40, and your total target score was 35, then your total TIME and final score would be 20. There are of course other details and different scoring protocols depending on the course design, but thats the basics. This kind of scoring is called "Limited Vickers Count"

In real steel IDPA, they have several classes, but for the meantime, I don't plan on setting up class separations for BB IDPA here. The classes in real steel consist of:


The only classes I could see instituting in bb IDPA would be

Stock HFC134a Autoloader.
Stock TOP gas Autoloader.

Other rules:

In real steel IDPA, you are required to have a concealed carry holster and a concealed carry garment. As IDPA is meant to train you in emergency self defense on the street. I don't personally want to go that far with bb IDPA, but a holster, be it a drop leg, cross draw or belt holster is required. Due to the fact that your timed, learning to draw your Pistol and re-holster it quickly and efficiently is important. I do not want to have IPSC quick holsters used though, which are designed specifically for quick and easy removal, and are often made of metal and plastic, with elaborate mechanical release mechanisms.

Well that's all I think... If I remember anything else I missed, I'll try to come back and update. I will also post the design and materials needed for out target traps, after we get a good test of them next weekend.

You can AIM me at caelyntek if you want to talk more about bb IDPA.
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