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I seconded that we are lucky to have Evilhead (Ray)

And dude im a Sophomore in high school, iv been around here for 4 years now and guys like Ray will teach you stuff, and important stuff that will get you places in the community. And i also get were your coming form not having a job and trying to play airsoft, it is hard, but you have to take what you can get. I was lucky enough to have parents who loved me enough to drive me an hour and a half up to Springfield to play, until Evilhead ( ray ) opened devils playground down here. Your lucky you have two fields right next to each other and relatively close to you. Look going off in here dose not solve anything. But there are tons of people in the this forum that will bed over backwards to help you if you ask. I would not be where i am today with out some of the older guys.


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Did anyone realize that jolly was just asking a question? He never demanded anything.. He asked "are there indoor cqb fields, or does anyone have any discounts available?" All of which are good questions for a new guy to have. If I was just starting out, and there was a discount for teams, I'd like to know about it too. It's not like he said "I half teem so giv me discountz." He was just trying to be an educated player and not spend more money than he had to. Evilhead does bring up good points, but I feel like they weren't necessarily points that jolly needed brought up. I don't see any leeching happening on his part.

A simple yes or no would have sufficed I think.
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Raziel, the yes or no question was answered but the thread continued into the realm of building an indoor field closer to the players. I was responding to the common plea by new players "there should be a field near me". One that is posted every day and we hear it in person all the time. Those players should learn to appreciate the fields that already exist. In Jolly's case , he has 2 within an hour of him which is spoiled by the standards of 5 years ago. Players don't get that. They are lucky to have fields at all. My point was harsh but real and his reaction was to swear up a storm and say I was calling him lazy and all kinds of drama. He even accused me of abusing my power, which never came into play other than warning him about swearing in threads. Everything else was a nickels worth of advice and something he didn't seem to comprehend.
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Amen Evil Head.
Lets lock this thread unless something valuable can be added.
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