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M4 Range and accuracy

So this is open for input. What has worked for you guys an what kind did you use. I want to know 1. How to get the most range out of a m4. Second I want the most accuracy.
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Range - upgrade inner barrel and hop.
Accuracy - upgrade inner barrel and hop.
On a side note, when you upgrade your inner barrel and hop, you'll also want to match them with a high grade BB.

You can improve accuracy and range without cracking open your gearbox.

Find a decent set of magazines that feed and fit your gun well.
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Range comes down to your hop-up almost entirely.

When you say accuracy, what you actually mean is "consistency". You want every shot to go to the same place. To do this, every part needs to operate the same exact way from shot to shot. There are a bunch of factors to this.

Firstly, your hop-up unit needs to not be moving around. Shim it solidly into place such that you have no feed issues or back and forth movement. It should rest solidly against your gearbox.

Your barrel should be the highest quality you can afford. Some people prefer the Orga style wide-bore barrels, but I use a Prometheus 6.03mm tight bore. Length doesn't really matter, but if you go too short, you'll have trouble getting your FPS where you want it. 360-500mm seems ideal. The real goal for your barrel is to be perfectly straight and true. If your barrel has any movement inside your outer barrel, shim it. If the front of the barrel is stable and your hop-up is properly shimmed into place, barrel movement between shots should be zero.

Check all of your air seals in the gearbox. Piston head seal and cylinder head seal should be tight; the air nozzle shouldn't back-leak air, and should make a good seal against the bucking. The bucking should be hard enough to make a good air seal without inflating and allowing air to go around the outside of the barrel.

Speaking of gearboxes, if you can afford a Polarstar, your life will be easier. The polarstar will provide a consistent shot energy within a few fps between shots. It also allows you to tune the weapon to various games -- I've used the same engine between 350 and 550fps for various games without having to change parts. Polarstar tuning is an entire other topic, however.

Use an adequate weight of BB. For a full-auto rifle running ~400fps, use .30g bbs at least. For DMR level weapons running toward 500fps, use .40 or .43g bbs. The heavier the round, the longer effective range you'll get. Yes, .20g bbs will go farther, but the spread pattern will make it impossible to hit your target.

I strongly recommend using an R-hop or ER-hop, which will help provide a stable, consistent hop onto heavier bbs.

That should give you a general rundown. If you have any specific questions, you can PM me.
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