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Full metal GBBs, many questions

My first GBB was a full metal M9 from KJW and I love it. I've used my friends KSC glock but I don't like the plastic. I want to stick to full metal for my pistols. So I've been looking around for a new pistol but I am kinda stuck on what I want to get.

Firstly, are there any full metal GBBs that you guys recommend? I am looking for approx 300 FPS, durability, non-co2 and accuracy.

Also, I am also looking at a couple pistol styles but I don't know how good the guns are:

KJW full metal p226


KJW Para-Ordnance P-14 Full metal

To anyone who owns these, how are they? Also, are there any other brands that have better versions of these? (full metal)
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well i have a WE baby hi capa 3.8 silver edition and i absolutely love it.
its acurate and is not a gas hogg. look it up. the only thing about it is the grip is plastic. the upper slide and lower "reciever" are metal. although it is plastic, it does not seem to be flimsy at all. its a very solid feeling is the same 1911 style as the p-14 above just shrunk down into a compact pistol size. they also have the WE hicapa 4.3 and 5.1 which are biggger and closer to the full size 1911. if you want one the same exact size as the one listed above, you should check out the WE 1911 Government model. it looks exactly like the one listed above for just about 100-130$ depending on the place of purchase.

hit up airsoftarms
and combatdepot for offers.

Darkstar here on the forums runs airsoft arms and strikers blade has combat depot. so im sure they would be happy to help if you have any questions about their produts.
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I have a full metal KJW M1911 Single Stack(ver 2, most places only sell ver 3 now) that I bought from Airsoft GI about a year ago. I love the weight, the kick, the power. I have owned and used other KJW gas pistols and I have to say they are more than worth their usual ~$100 price tag. I'm sure either of the models you have listed above would fit your needs perfectly, but as I don't have first hand experience with those specific models this is where my advice ends.
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I have the KWA KP45. It has a metal slide but a ABS plastic lower reciever(you can get black, tan, or OD. I have teh OD version). The gun itself is a BEAST out of the box. Its very solid, and has a nice weight and balance to it. Its not too bad on gas, the mags hold 26 rounds and you can shoot through it twice on one gas fill, although the slide doesnt lock back when you run out of ammo on the second load.
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I'm hoping to get the all metal M9 from KJW and I've heard great things about it but sadly all I can do is go to Airsoft Smith and hold it. Is there anything I should know about it before I get it like what might be bad on it (if anything)? (haha first post/reply)
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