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battery review 9.6 volt 3300 mah Powerizer (

The large type 9.6 volt 3300 mah airsoft battery made by Powerizer is a great buy, but it was difficult for me to tell whether or not it would fit into my airsoft gun. I did purchase it along with a connector from a small tamiya to a large tamiya battery connector from I had also purchased, from another website, a front grip for my g36c that was said to hold a large type battery. It didnít fit. So I decided to buy a battery bag, from and that solved all my problems. Ok so back to the battery, I plugged in my battery to a quick charger for about an hour to an hour and a half. I then proceeded to connect the battery to the gun. I switched on the gun and it shot remarkably well. I shot the gun in full auto with a full 50 round magazine to see if the battery would get hot at all, and I was very glad to see that there was no detection of heat coming from the battery at all. Other batteries I have produced heat after long amounts of shooting in full auto, so that was definitely a plus for the Powerizer battery. Another thing I noticed was that when looking at the battery, itís very durable and solid, making it hard to damage. The battery worked great and it still does, the only thing is that it was too big to fit into the front grip of the gun, and thatís were the battery bag comes in, so now I have an external battery which works amazing. I would have to say that the Powerizer brand, in my opinion, is better then some of those larger name brands such as Sanyo. I know a lot of people will tell you otherwise, but when used correctly all batteries can be just as good as you want them to be. Just fallow the instructions listed on some airsoft sites that tell you how to keep your battery in top shape. The 9.6 volt 3300 mah airsoft battery pack is suitable for any gun, and should probably be used with guns with any kind of upgrading to the internals, or if you just want your gun to fire a bit faster. So Far I give the Pack an A+ rating. If youíre looking for an inexpensive battery pack but you want the performance of some of the top of the line packs then go with Powerizer 9.6 volt 3300 mah battery pack. Although the battery pack is quite large it will definitely get the job done wherever youíre playing airsoft. Along with the battery came great service and support from They were there to answer any questions I had. is a great site, with a very large variety of batteries for just about everything that uses batteries. I would have to give there site a 9.9 out of 10 along with a very big thank you for the amazing service and reliability. I didnít mention that there shipping is very fast and adequate. Overall the battery is great, itís perfect for any airsoft gun, with the exception of some that it may not fit in, but thatís nothing a battery bag canít handle. order from them they are awesome.
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