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Kimber Team Match II (real steel)

Guess I might as well post this here.

PM me for details, interest, etc.

I purchased this gun used about half a year ago with an advertised 250 rounds through it, since then I've put roughly 1.1k rounds through it. About 400 rounds ago, I started having an issue with the round not entering the chamber fully. The occurrence rate was low, happened maybe 4 or 5 times in 300 rounds. I promptly replaced the recoil spring, all the mag springs with CMC springs, and all the followers with CMC Power Plus followers, so the guts are all brand new, except on the 10rd mag. This had little effect.

I asked the guys on another site, and they identified it as a problem with the external extractor, and suggested I ship it in to Kimber for them to replace, all I'd need to do is pay shipping.

Before I do that, I'd like to see if anyone is interested in this at a slightly reduced price, since I've been considering moving to .40S&W or 9mm and simply buying another gun is a little out of the question right now. If there's no interest, I'll simply ship it to Kimber for a new slide and keep it, as I like it very much.

So here we go!

Note: I am not interested in most trades, I have some interest in other 1911s, especially one chambered in 40S&W. Aside from that, I'm looking for cash, as I haven't been paid in awhile.

I can provide excellent feedback from various other sites. Feel free to ask for it
Firstly, this gun shoots great, it's very accurate and a good deal of fun to shoot. The feeding issue happened once today out of 100 rounds, and a tap on the mag returned the slide to battery. Out of the last 400 rounds shot since the problem surfaced (100 with the new springs and followers), it has happened 4 or 5 times.

-Kimber Team Match II in .45acp, with a Wilson Extended Slide stop installed and a trigger job done by Cline's Trigger Shop. I can't measure it, but it's a nice trigger
-Hogue grips can be thrown in if you want them, they're quite beat up and old, and don't necessarily match the gun's magwell. They were installed for a lady friend. Original grips included as well.
-Sprinco 16lb recoil spring (original currently installed)
-2 CMC 8rd Powermags, 1 CMC 10rd Power Plus mag, and 1 CMC 8rd Shooting Star mag. All of them have new CMC springs and Power Plus followers.
-(not pictured) Several (3 or 4?) extra CMC mag springs and Power Plus followers, as well as a bag of the older CMC followers. All the original mag springs and followers are there as well.

Comes with all the paperwork and such, excluding the cable lock.

Has some wear on the finish where the safety is located, and where the slidestop is located. A very faint idiot mark is present underneath the slide stop, and a more defined idiot mark is obscured by it. I didn't put the mark there. High res pic shows it.

Now for some more gun porn. Click to make it bigger.

Idiot mark

Wear on the barrel.

The external extractor...

Asking 950 shipped to your FFL. I accept discreet paypal only, sent as a gift or add 3%.

To recap: Gun, grips, spare mags, spare magazine springs/followers, and spare recoil spring, all for 950.

Best way to contact me is through PM.

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My brother in laws Kimber Custom II Stainless was having similar problems. It turned out it was the mags. If you are leaving the mags loaded (as they are in the picture) this will bend the feed lips and cause malfunctions.
If I understand the problem correctly, the gun is not going fully into battery when trying to chamber a new round. Is this correct? If so, it's not the extractor, as extraction/ejection is functioning properly. I would try a new mag and see what happens. Have you noticed it malfunctioning with all mags, or only certain ones? Another area I would check is the chamber. Alot of shooters don't pay enough attention to the chamber when cleaning, and build up in the chamber will keep the rounds from entering smoothly causing the problem you described.
It's a beautiful weapon, hope this helps.

Stay in school and you'll do great! And don't forget your vegetables either! - Scorpion

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Thanks for the tip maglips.

One of the 8rd CMC mags is brand new, and I've managed to have the same feeding issue with it. Which is why I went around replacing the springs and followers as well.

The problem is, the malfunction isn't consistent. It doesn't happen with 1 mag, and it doesn't happen often enough. It only happened 1 time the last range trip, and earlier today I put the rest of my .45 through it (~90 rounds) and it didn't happen once, and I had only loaded 3 rounds in each mag in an attempt to make it happen.

I've always paid special attention to keeping my chamber clean and my feedramp clear, since those have been the two most common problems plaguing Kimbers that Ive read about, besides extractor issues.

I'm not incredibly well versed in troubleshooting 1911 problems yet, and the knowledgeable folks on glocktalk were quick to point at the extractor, especially when present with a picture and description of the malfunction.

Plus there has long been a history of EE issues, and I suppose Kimber is replacing them free of charge with IEs for a reason.


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