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act of valor rig

So I have spent sum time trying to find info about one of the rigs they used on act of valor it is just sum straps a small back piece and almost looks like a belt vary light easy to move with It was the one they used on there first mission to grab the CIA agent. If you know what it is please let me know and if you know where to get it by all means post it.
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I believe what you're looking for is a chest rig. You can get them from any major airsoft retailer, and from the gear classifieds section.

Something like this, right?
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Look at some screen shots from the movie and then look into gear. That's what I would do
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For the Columbia Scene I believe it was Eagle RRV chest rigs and/or the Blackhawk equivalent. The back piece may have been the rear plate carrier component of the chest rig, or simply a backpack, as I recall a few had those. Been a while since I watched it though.


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I also remember seeing a LBT 1961a in there which I believe is more along the lines of what you are looking at. I used one for a few years and it is a phenomenal rig.

Here is a behind the scenes picture, you can see the SEAL on the right has a 1961a and the one on the left has an RRV with the bib folded down.

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+1 to the 1961a's.

It's one of my last two major pieces of gear... that and my CIRAS. And my CIRAS is probably going to be going soon, just too bulky.
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