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Difference: CA90 Sportline and Proline Reviews

So I have been looking and searching for ever to find the difference between the two guns. Finally, I decided to get them both and do it myself.

Classic Army first started making guns in 1997 and created the CA90 after about 3 years of production. It was very popular because it was a higher performance gun than the Tokyo Marui (by higher performance, I'm talking about FPS) and it was exceptionally cheaper. However, Echo1 released their P90, calling it the E90, and this put Classic Army at a loss because the E90 was cheaper and shot at a higher FPS. So in order to compete, they came out with the Classic Army CA90 Sportsline. The Sportsline edition was much cheaper and could out perform the E90.

Now on to the review.
Upper Receiver
The very first thing you notice when handling both these guns at the same time is weight. The Proline is much more realistic than the Sportsline right out of the box because of its full metal upper receiver. The Sportsline receiver is made of plastic (exceptions being the Red Dot Sight). This part can be upgraded with any compatible upper recievers that are full metal (such as the E90 upper or CA90 upper).
The Proline receiver is very sturdy, there is absolutely no wobble with it secure into the lower receiver. The Sportsline receiver is also very sturdy but is much harder to remove from the lower than in the Proline.

Lower Receiver
After removing the upper receivers from their lowers, I compared the two weight wise and both lowers are the same weight. I examined the guns externals and didn't notice any difference between the two bodies. The plate where the battery goes easily removes from both. Externally, the lower receivers are equal.

I didn't want to open the gear boxes so this part of the review is going to be about is performance (internally).

I removed the hoppups from the upper receivers and examined them closely. Both hoppups are identical and interchangeable.

The last part is firing these two guns. I used a 9.6V 1500 mAh small type battery (the same one to be exact) in both the guns and attempted to test the ROF, FPS and how loud the gun is.
Proline - The rate of fire is excellent shooting at a total of 16 - 18 bps
Sportsline - The rate of fire was almost the same being at a total of 15 - 17 bps
Proline- The FPS was shooting at around 365 - 375 and wasn't too consistent
Sportsline - The FPS was also shooting around 365 - 375 but was even more inconsistent
Proline- The gun is LOUD. Nothing else much to say there
Sportsline - The gun is equally as loud when firing

Both the Proline and the Sportsline CA90's are great guns. They both are very close in performance but lack the quiet of the TM P90.

Proline has a full metal upper and slightly better internals than the Sportsline.
When purchasing,
Proline: A cost of around $250 the gun comes with one high cap and also a mock silencer but no battery (not a big deal). Some stores also include a stock extended barrel that you can use with the silencer to give it that added distance.
Sportsline: A cost of $175 the gun comes with a high cap and a battery/charger set and a pair of safety glasses! (YES!)

As stated I have tested everything out. If anyone would like me to test something I may have missed or would like to add something, feel free to PM me or post here.
I hope this helps people with their purchase of their own CA90 Sportsline/Proline.
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