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Systema Challenge Kit, MAX, PTW

Systema AEG's seem to have a mysteriousness to them and info is spread out with plenty of varying rumors. Hopefully this thread can be useful to shed some light for potential buyers and help those who already own one.

Systema now offers multiple lines of their AEG's:

The original PTW: The fallowing is taken from "Note: Please be aware that while the M90 and M110 units are compatible across all generation PTWS, SYSTEMA only recommend the use of M130 cylinder units in Gen-3 PTWS. Several area of the Gen-3's gearbox and circuitry were specifically tuned to handle the extended power of M130 (or higher) cylinder units, and the use of M130 units in older PTWS may cause pre-matured failure. Nonetheless, for older generation training weapon users: rest assure that SYSTEMA did not forget about you! We will shortly be releasing a dealer-installable "Version-Up Kit" so that you can bring your training weapons up to Generation-3 specification.

If you are not sure which version PTWS you have, here are a few tips: 1. All Gen-3 PTWS have steel barrels installed. If your barrel has slightly lighter color then the receiver (similar finish to the magazine), it is a steel barrel and it is Gen-3. Gen-1 and Gen-2 PTWS have aluminum barrel with a hard-anodized finish, which is darker and closer to the receiver's finish.
2. There is no Gen-1 M4A1. If your M4 has a steel barrel, its Gen-3. If it has a aluminum barrel, its Gen-2.
3. If you have an M16 (A2 or A3) but it does not have a steel barrel, look inside your butt stock (the battery compartment). Pull the battery connector out and you should find a small power control circuit (where the fuse plugs into). If the circuit is encased in a black, hard-plastic tube, its Gen-1. If its surrounded by a clear shrink-wrap, its a Gen-2."

The Generations have signifigant changes and and it should be rembered what version you have in order to use only parts made for that version. If you buy a gun used this may be an issue but any new gun should be the most current Gen 3, although ask your retailer because they made have leftovers. Price is roughly $1200. Models are available in M16 length and burst instead of auto also.

The New SCR, Systema Competition Rifle: This kit is aimed solely at the airsoft skirmish market. There are some small differences between the PTW and SCR. The SCR comes with a non trademarked metal body and is completely void of any markings. The other differences are rather mute for the airsoft market. This kit is just that, a kit. While it has been said that it's somewhat simple to put together, if you can't handle a TM style upgrade, this may not be for you. These kits are not allowed to be sold by retailers in an assembled state but if you need help in assembly, there are people from AO who have built them and can assist you. At a cost stateside of under $900, it is more affordable to the airsofter.

The PTW MAX: The MAX is the ultimate Systema AEG. Out of it has an M150 and is beefed up in certain areas to be able to handle it reliably. If money is not an issue, MAX is the version to get. At $1500 it's a fair bit more than a PTW or the SCR but Systema is hand building them ensuring that each part fits together perfectly. If you get a MAX, do everyone you play with a favor and buy a second cylinder at the time you buy the AEG. Being able to handle an M150 is amazing but it's often not allowed to use such a high velocity. While you may not get a lot of M150 use, it should just be that much more durable when using a lesser cylinder set. Models are available in M16 length and burst instead of auto also.

Why want a Systema AEG in the first place?
I hated having to rebuild my AEG's after every game, and sometimes durring. The tollerances and quality of TM styled parts are simply poor. While there are countless aftermarker parts, they're still limited by the system in which they have to run. Systema started from scratch after seeing the problems with the TM setup. Tappet plates break in TM's, so Systema got rid of it. The gears are weak and can shred in TM's, so Systema used a totally different nature to the gear system and make them of much sturdier and better fitting parts. Pistons in TM's are prone to stripping. Systema made the parts of much higher quality material, and they've very accessable and quickly replaced (but you probably won't need to anyway). The swapable cylinders also allow for in-field quick changes between fps so when field is mixed between woodland and CQB, the gun can be made safe for both.

Beyond just making the AEG work reliably, they've added more realistic aspects to it. When mags are empty, the gun cuts power. When a fresh mag is loaded and the bolt release is pressed it powers back up. The grip is the same size as a real rifle. The front end also allows the use of real steel parts to be mounted on it. Magazines will also fit better as they are far closer to real steel dimentions. I believe the only thing that people may consider replacing that can't take a real steel part is the muzzle break. I believe it is a 14mm + threading like airsoft.

Within the next few days I will be posting how the building of an SCR goes. There are also some charts and documents on these items that I will put up soon. Feel free to post personal experiences with Systema's line of AEG's. If I have anthing wrong please inform me. If you don't think it's worth it, and you've never owned one, don't waste people's time by posting it. While I am very pro-Systema, if you have actually owned one and have problems I see no reason for you not to post so others can learn.

Loki may have pictures uploaded soon on how his kit has turned out so keep an eye out for those.

For further reading try:

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I Love PTW

My SCR kit came in today. After a long wait in trafic I finally got my box of parts. After a quick stop by Lowes to get a new soldering iron and some msc tools I started putting it together. In 2 hours I had everything together but the wires soldered to the motor. It took almost another hour to get the wires cut to just the right length and soldered perfectly. Trying to get solder to stick to the smooth terminal on the motor took a little work. So 3 hours from start to finish and it was a blast.

In working with TM, CA, and ICS gearboxes I got used to a certain amount of play in things as the tollerances were pretty big on the parts. The first thing I noticed was how the gears flowed so smoothly. No grinding, no wobble, just heaven. I feel the directions leave something to be desired in terms of efficiency in putting things together. I had seen them ahead of time so I knew I'd have to glue the teeth on the piston and started that first so it would dry durring the rest of the build. Other little things seemed out of order but nothing one can't figure out. I won't go into a ton more detail on the build but feel free to post or PM with any detailed questions.

All together, battery in, I test shoot it as the instructions say in semi and ovserve the gears. The gears rotate full auto, it's supposed to be in semi, and then just die. I try the bolt catch but still nothing. Then I remember the battery just came out of the box and it doing full auto might be due to it being near dead as the gun has IC's which might not work right if not powered right. So a quick charge and back in the gun. Semi and it shoots semi. Lag is non-existant and the gears stop in exactly the same place everytime and it's impossible to short stroke it and only get a partial pull. There's an led and light received that see the position of the gears and stop it perfectly. Full auto is quite fast and both semi and auto are very quiet. Nice rate, nice FPS, and all on a 7.2v battery which I have to say fits very nicely in the stock, unlike the CA CQBr stock battery I had. It took my surefire M500ab without any trouble. Mags are quite tight a fit but they have been with other guns and just need a little wearing in. I will never again use a non systema M4. This is on a whole new level of amazing. Thank you Wallace and Airsoft Arms for making my bliss possible.
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