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This seems very similar to a topic I just replied to. So I'll copy & paste my response and add to it based on other comments.

Originally Posted by Kishi
I like the idea of making a ranking system of where you start at the bottom and climb, but then where do you start?
As event organizers, do YOU assign the roles upon these players and see who does well, and do you change it up?
Do you assign CO XO and ask for feedback?
Basically i'm asking, how do you start a rank system with no current rankings at hand?
I am quite interested in the aspect of MilSim that this could add to games and such.

I know, I myself, have always been a Squad Leader at most games except Crucible IV i was a soldier who was moved to Squad Leader by forfeit or default (original SL had to end up being staff.) and Crucible V where I proudly served as IAC Recon with Hogue as Recon SL.
With our OP Arthur series, we have chosen members of our team to be CO for the factions.
I attended OP Redemption Road a year or so ago as a rifleman with no responsibilities other than to shoot. Throughout the course of the game, I was promoted to Squad Leader, then to CO after our CO threw a temper and exited the game or something.

My point is all players have different experiences that COULD qualify them.
Should we have them submit some sort of resume perhaps?
All too many times, I've seen command structures fail at low-scale MilSim games due to a lack of command structure. I won't name these games specifically because I don't want any anuses hurt, nor do I want to seem like "Mr Hot-shot I can do better" because honestly, who the hell knows.
Although at bigger sized games: Crucible IAC IV and V, Blind Fury XII, these games have had some of the best command structure I've seen in the last two years (as far as games I've attended) and it is EASY to see the difference.

Originally Posted by tombo131
-Whitelisting COs/XOs. EOs can share who has done an effective job leading smaller events so that when it comes time to recruit for large events, you actually have a pool of vetted people to contact.

-Emailing Info. While I think it's good and necessary that a site/FB page/forum thread has documents and roster info, I think top down email communication starting from the CO/XO is the most effective way to make sure the command structure is in the loop ahead of time. Require a personal email address for each player. It just always seems that when private forums and/or private FB groups are used that only a small % of folks get registered.

-Forced small briefings. Make the final ticket/patch/whatever needed to gain entrance to the field only obtainable after viewing/listening to a small group on-site briefing. Roll these briefings every 10-15 minutes while chronos are open.
I wholeheartedly agree and enjoy the thought of implementing all of these ideas.
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