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I don't think there's much you can do about choosing competent leaders. The reason being that unless you're know they're competent and ask them to volunteer for the part and they do so willingly knowing the effort it will take, then it's a crapshoot. Most veteran players want to get out there and fight, not issue commands. The people that do volunteer are often optimistic and motivated, but there's no telling the experience they have. This could be their first leadership position ever. They may lack the foresight to do proper planning and organization.

I think that leaders should receive some guidance on what to prepare for because it is entirely possible that those who volunteer simply wait until the day of the event to get their information. Some may say "well they need to be proactive" but if they've never led, how do they know to be proactive? It may just take telling the person that they need to establish their chain of command, unit structure, comm net, etc. to get them to do it. Maybe the leader doesn't know exactly how to go about doing that. Franc, I think as far as things you can do, maybe just shooting the volunteer leadership a message to make sure they're on track. There's no need to do it for them when they can do it themselves.

As far as a preparation schedule, maybe there needs to be a short list of responsibilities for leadership made so that COs, XOs, PLs, PSGs, SLs, and TLs know what they're all supposed to do at their levels. There is no definitive guide to leadership, and I know the next thing that will be posted is "well then research it" but again this goes back to the problem of new leaders maybe not knowing what to know. If our answer to these kinds of questions is "look it up, don't ask me" then we're dooming ourselves. Leaders are forged through the leadership of others.

I'd love to play as leadership for an event, but the issue of scheduling airsoft with ROTC and college classes is a pain in the ***. I've been pretty lazy with event attendance since Assault on Volgograd though, so we'll see what I can work out.
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