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As far as the limiting low caps, you kinda already are limited in the ammount you can carry. Most vests allow for 8-12 mags on a vest. You can carry more in a ruck, but they are hard to get to in a fire fight.

Low caps (for AEGs) are actually very cheap, like 10 for 50 bucks.

Now I agree auto is useful, I actually think auto should be encouraged some what because it forces reloads. However there are safety concerns too, so buildings should be semi only.

SAWs should have 500-600 rounds ( 3 speed loaders). To reload the saw you should be forced to remove the barrel, put it back in (if applicable), then load the box mag and fire. This simulates barrels over heating. If a quick change barrel is not available, then there should be a minute or 30 sec cool down, then reload and fire.
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