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This seems like the next level of milsim.

Well I think it's a good idea, but it would need some tweaking and extra rules to work.

1. Drop the 'semi-only' rule. There are times when full-auto is good. Players will use semi the majority of the time when they only have locaps anyway. Some objectives might also encourage semi, like wound and capture a VIP. If he/she's hit in a vital area, they die and the objective is lost.

2. Resupply. Before the game, have people load 4-6 mags, put them in a bag/box with their name. Then, once a certain objective is completed, have staff load these boxes onto a vehicle and drive them to a drop point where the players can resupply. And hope that people haven't stolen their mags.

3. SAW's must use reasonable mags. No 2500 electric auto-winders. Maybe standard winding 300rd M4 mags? That would only work for the M249 family though, so I don't know... RPK's can use AK mags, right?

And last but not least... Most AEG owners, so most milsimers, don't have any locaps. So while the idea's getting established, the attendance at events will be on the smaller side, with the majority of players probably using gbbrs.
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