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Originally Posted by Jonezy View Post
Well, I'm not sure why this isn't working but I can't seem to register my brother in any way on the Airsoftevents site. It keeps bringing up an error message saying there are no teams for his BDU and role no matter what combination I try.
I don't know when you tried Jonezy but this is from Blade on Airsoftforums.

Post subject: Re: UpdatesPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:29 pm

Closing all registration system at midnight tonight. If you are not on the roster or you know a buddy who wanted to come but failed to register, it will be too late for them in about 30min.

Last time to request private forum access. Deadline for me to grant access is tomorrow morning at 8am. After that, you will not get access as I will be at the field already.

Do not forget! If you show up at the field tomorrow, you will need to give a $5.00 deposit. If you leave Friday, you will get your $5.00 back.

Do not forget water and red rag.

For those playing the night game, don't forget your red stick.

For those without squad assignment, just get to the field and your squad leader will be looking for you.

That is all folks. Still so much to get done and so little time for it. Have a safe trip to the field tomorrow.
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