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Originally Posted by Evil Head View Post

Evil's rule 1: If you point anything at a cop even it's a 12 inch meatball sub, you deserve to have your *** shot.
I totally agree.

I dont see a problem with it. If children were taught to treat their toy guns safely, having a real gun painted in the house is not a safety issue. It should be locked up and out of reach anyways.

As for disguised guns. Those that use guns intend to do damage or to threaten to do damage. Having a wood/black AK robbing a bank is no different than having a pink one. Going hunting with a pink rifle is no different than factory finish.
**NOTE** I'm not referring to recreational use at ranges.

I mean come on, if an OG came up to my vehicle in cincinnati with a pink and green pistol, i'm going to treat the situation the same, if not better, than i would if his "piece" was black.

Having a colored gun will not help you get it into school anymore. Supersoakers arent even allowed so good luck with a hello kitty gun.

However, i'm an open minded kind of guy. I cannot think of a situation where painting your weapon would be harmful, someone please come up with one for me to reflect on.
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