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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
...which is exactly why I wanted to know who was available. Then, Wallace can decide if fixing/modifying the actual AO is better than starting from scratch. This website is not super bad, it just needs several features to be changed. The thing we absolutely need to stay away from is getting a "custom" work done and then being stuck with it because the coder/programmer/designer got no more time for it or leave the community.
Looks like a couple fields need added onto the site: Such as the links for stores and fields (if they have websites) around Ohio, but I don't see much else as a major problem. I'm sure some colors and backgrounds can be changed, but creating an entire site just doesn't seem like the way to go for me. It costs too much time and too much money.

If I was in the market for building such a site, I would most certainly help, but I unfortunately don't have the time. I can only make suggestions for the usability (which is my main focus on programming)
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**** you I'm Reed.
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Thus marketh the only time anyone hath used the search feature on AO
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