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its why I am trying to do it. I have been blessed in life to where i was able to retire young and make my hobby into my full time career. Airsoft is all I do 24/7.

I haven't been part of the AO community super long but two things have been going on since i have. Everyone wanting changes/updates to the site, and it not happening.

I keep hearing the "theres valuable Info" thing but the vast majority of it is dated info that most people don't care about. The biggest problems i see with this site is truly the lack of ease to find current fields and store via this site. That should be the most important and in your face part of the site and it isn't on this site. I hear it every weekend, I didn't even know you were open here. AO is the first thing to pop up when you search airsoft in OH. which most new player or curious people will do. The most important thing as a community we can do for those 2 groups is immediately get them into a store or to a field. thats how we bring them into the sport and keep them.

I do enjoy reading through old posts sometime, but i am also an old player that remembers alot of the community issues from 10-15 years ago. the vast majority of airsofters now were just or not even born then.

I don't know what the best solution is start new, or refresh but I do know something needs done. as field/store owners we have put way to much time and money into this to not have a viable Hub for CURRENT info for the players.

Sorry for the long post I just am very passionate about airsoft and the community and feel this is an area we are failing especially the new players coming in.
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