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Web developers and graphic designers required!

Can you code a website? Can you design one? Do you have any kind of knowledge on how to produce a website? How to make it secure?

Airsoftohio needs you!

We have been talking about revamping this website but we do not have anybody available to actually build the new site. I am not talking about someone that says they can but never do here. I am talking about someone who will work on it Now and get it done SOON.

While you will have the great privilege to say that you kickstarted the new AO, there is no money involved at this time. So if you offer your help, it will be by good conscience and interest into your community.

SO! Can you help?! Post your name and qualification below, we want to hear about you.

Disclaimer: This thread hasn't been approved by anybody but myself. Just getting a bit tired of talking and no acting and something must get done.
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